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22039Re: [William Optics] How to mate an SBIG STM-11000?

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  • pbbgr
    Apr 15, 2012
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      It can be done, but SBIG is correct, the T thread on the back will not allow full illumination of the 11000 chip. I made an adapter for the IV to give me an SCT thread (2 inch) on the back for my Apogee. I tried it with my older WO105mm and was disappointed, stars were all elongated in the corners and edges.
      Some times they will limit the diameter of the output of a reducer and or flattener because the optics just can't flatten or reduce that large of area. They may advertise a huge "illuminated circle" but you won't get a flat field over the entire advertised illuminated area.
      The STL-11000's chip has a lot of real estate to cover, from what I've seen using the IV, I would be suprized if it could do it. You could make an adapter to open it up to what the STL would need, but I would bet nasty things lie just beyond what your seeing now.
      Google "Precise Parts" they are in Fla. and do great work. They can make anything fit anything! (for a price though) but there work is top notch.
      If they can't do it, I have both thread sizes and may be able to help.
      If you are going to the STL-110000 I would highly recommend looking at the FF 68. GOOD real estate doesn't come cheap!
      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, <christian_hennes@...> wrote:
      > Hello WO folks,
      > Is there anyone who uses an SBIG STM-11000 on a WO scope? I am an happy user of an FLT 132 + AFR IV reducer and Canon 40D. I would like to shift gear and make full frame images. However, the SBIG support team warned me about the AFR IV T-thread size:
      > "We have a T-thread adaptor used on the AO-8 that will connect to a ST-L camera. However, the T-thread is a smaller diameter than the 2" aperture for the camera sensor so this adaptor will vignette the corners of the image and also partially block the tracking CCD so is not recommended."
      > So, I am looking for a solution. A flattener is a must, without it, there a good amount of vignetting already on an APN format.
      > Thanks for sharing your experience,
      > Have nice dark skies,
      > Christian
      > Christian Hennes
      > Lyon, France
      > Lat: 45° 46' 47" Nord, Long: 4° 49' 27" East
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