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  • Tim Levin
    May 3, 2011
      Please understand that my last post was not directed towards you and/or your post in particular, but instead to suggest a good informative article, web site on binoviewers -as well as offer my own advice on  what to expect  when purchasing binoviewers in general. I felt it important to let others interested in binoviewing that not all bino's come with reducers, barlows, or that there is no  "one size fits all" solution  to cover all the various types/brands of scope or focuser(&its particular focusing parameters), or their specific set-up. I have no idea what model/ year WO bino Ron purchased from the seller nor do I know its specific packaging configuration at the time of sale. In effort to help Ron make his bino function, I first post offered  sugestions/links of some retailers who carried binoviewer adaptors in my post on May 1st.  
      With regards to your posting on this group site and addressing me personally, and suggesting I check the facts b/4 advising others -Mr Elkins . I never specifically mention WO binoviewers, or any manufacturer for that matter. So (personally) I can't seem to find much merit in telling( seemed like scolding) Ron that he should have done some research before buying. As for whether he bought the bino "cheaply" (a fact???) - I believe makes no difference  -=or if he did, he didn't "know it was missing an important part" ..and "willingly" give up his ability to use his purchase to save some money! -He would not have come to members of this group seeking HELP and insight as to why he can't make it work!!!!  Adding that the seller may have held onto the great, versatile  part to solve his problem seems closer to salt than solution. 
      The excerpt and web site suggestion I posted contain information that is may help those with questions about binoviewers[in general]. 

      Though I felt it clear that my most recent post about binoviewers was clearly non-specific information(see below) I do appologize for any confusion

      A barlow or reducer is NOT a standard "included" item with a new bino viewer .......
       Some bino sellers do offer a barlow or reducer with the purchase - but it shouldn't automatically be expected.

      Clear anger-less(me included) skies,

      --- On Tue, 5/3/11, Timm B <t.bottoni@...> wrote:

      From: Timm B <t.bottoni@...>
      Subject: [William Optics] Re: how to use binoviewer
      To: William-Optics@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 12:44 PM


      Hi - one other thought regarding using binoviewers on refractors.

      You will always want to use a diagonal, however remember that a 2" diagonal has a longer optical path than a 1.25" diagonal. What this means is that with a 2" diagonal, your refractor might need the barlow, however it's quite possible that with a 1.25" diagonal you can get away with not having to use the barlow.

      There are also some refractors that are "binoviewer ready" because they have enough inward travel for the extra length of the optical path that is built into the binoviewer.

      Hope that helps


      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Timm B" <t.bottoni@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Before we get too carried away..
      > The CURRENT WO Binoviewer "kit" comes complete as described on the WO Shopping webpage here - along with some other options seen listed...
      > http://www.williamoptics.com/wo_shop/catalog/index.php?cPath=26_44
      > However, I recall that WO has offered specials (over the last 6 years or so) that were marketed towards people who didn't need the barlow or eyepieces. SCT users for example would most likely not want the barlow.
      > So past versions might be out there in the market that are not the same as the complete kit.
      > If the original poster bought used, and didn't get the barlow, they should check with WO to purchase one, or perhaps another. The barlow shifts the focuser position for refractors or reflectors that don't have enough inward travel without it.
      > Hope that clarifies this for everyone.
      > Timm
      > --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, Ross Elkins <rosse25@> wrote:
      > >
      > > The WO kit comes complete
      > > With the ocs/barlow, 2 20mm lenses and the binoviewer as hundreds of happy owners including me can Attest to. My tv binoviewer also comes standard with the ocs/barlow. Get your facts straight please b4 advising others. Both binos work just fine with refractors and SCTs. Although there is always the possibility of owning a bino unfriendly scope which needs more than whats supplied.
      > >
      > > Ross is Mobile
      > > 415-235-7727
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