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21708Re: how to use binoviewer

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  • Timm B
    May 3, 2011
      Hi all,

      Before we get too carried away..

      The CURRENT WO Binoviewer "kit" comes complete as described on the WO Shopping webpage here - along with some other options seen listed...

      However, I recall that WO has offered specials (over the last 6 years or so) that were marketed towards people who didn't need the barlow or eyepieces. SCT users for example would most likely not want the barlow.

      So past versions might be out there in the market that are not the same as the complete kit.

      If the original poster bought used, and didn't get the barlow, they should check with WO to purchase one, or perhaps another. The barlow shifts the focuser position for refractors or reflectors that don't have enough inward travel without it.

      Hope that clarifies this for everyone.


      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, Ross Elkins <rosse25@...> wrote:
      > The WO kit comes complete
      > With the ocs/barlow, 2 20mm lenses and the binoviewer as hundreds of happy owners including me can Attest to. My tv binoviewer also comes standard with the ocs/barlow. Get your facts straight please b4 advising others. Both binos work just fine with refractors and SCTs. Although there is always the possibility of owning a bino unfriendly scope which needs more than whats supplied.
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      > 415-235-7727
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