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21207FS/Free: WO binocular case/straps

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  • megarat
    Sep 1, 2010
      Hey all,

      I hope a for-sale posting on the forum is within the bounds of netiquette: I recently picked up a WO 10x50 astro binoculars and determined the case wasn't for me. I found a case that I like, so I have the original case just sitting around. (Same goes for the binocular strap, actually. I am a fan of Domke's camera/binocular straps, so I went that route instead.)

      If you are interested in the case/straps, contact me privately. I would prefer to sell it (say $US20ish?), but I'm not against parting with it for only the cost of shipping if that's what it takes to find it a new home. I'm happy to separate the items as well.