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20218Dismantle M90 focuser

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  • rogerg_au
    Sep 1, 2009
      Hi everyone,

      I have a 6 month old Megrez 90. The type which does not have the tripod bracket. It's focuser is the dual speed rack & pinion style.

      I would like to attach a motor to the focuser. With my older Megrez 80 (single speed focuser) I did this very easily by taking one focus knob off and installing a bracket with motor on to the shaft.

      With the dual speed focuser, am I able to simply remove the knob from the side that only has one speed adjustment knob and not have the whole thing fall apart? I see the hex screw to undo the knob and perhaps then be able to pull it off, but am a bit weary that doing so the whole focuser and dual speed mechanism may spring apart. I'm not familiar with how dual speed focusers are constructed.

      If I can simply take the knob off the single speed side of the focuser then attaching my focus motor should be very easy.

      Any advice would be appreciated.


      Roger Groom roger[AT]RogerGroom.com
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