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19103Re: [William Optics] Re: Linear Focuser

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  • Sander Pool
    Dec 9, 2008
      Hi Anat,

      I'm not sure I agree with your statement about the lock screw being
      essential for photography. A good focuser does not need a lock screw to
      stay in place. In fact if you need a lock screw to keep the camera where
      it belongs you'll probably have trouble focusing in the first place as
      the focuser will slip. Clearly with an R&P focuser this is far less
      likely to happen. But with an R&P focuser you can expect a little
      backlash, depending on how well matched the gears are. Every advantage
      has a disadvantage :)

      On my M110 I frequently leave the focus lock alone. Clearly folks with
      automated focus systems do the same.


      aruangra wrote:
      > Dear Gareth
      > I received the M90 last night. The large thumbscrew on the bottom is
      > provided separately. I was about to contact WO for the missing
      > thumbscrew. But I found it after carefully looking for it. The
      > thumbscrew is used to lock the drawtube. I really like the R&P design
      > of the linear focuser and the lock screw which is essential for
      > photography. I have very very small backlash in my focuser (almost the
      > same amount of backlash as a 3.5" FT focuser).
      > Regards,
      > Anat
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