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19082Re: Linear Focuser

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  • William Roy Penney
    Dec 5, 2008
      Hi Tim,

      I have been off line for a week, so thank you and others for your

      The new focusder design sounds like a much better unit than the
      existing crayford types, which are fine for light draw tube loads,
      ie visual use. The reason is simple (in my opinion) though I have
      never read an explanation on any of the posts before. The draw tube
      is locked by a single nylon tipped, 5mm bolt. The nylon/plastic tip
      is even smaller (approx 4mm diameter) which is too small to provide
      enough friction to lock the drawtube when hanging all that
      photographic stuff on the end of the focusser. Even when
      overtightened the small tip just deforms (squashes down) without
      much gain in friction and simply does not prevent slipping. I
      suspect that simply making a bigger lockscrew doesn't achieve much
      or WO would have done this already.

      Anyway, the design will overcome this problem and I hope WO will
      provide retro fit kits for their older scopes.

      Cheers, William
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