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1869MX7-usb/Star2000 and the GT1

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  • Jim Anderson
    May 4, 2003
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      Would anyone have gone through setting up the Star2000 on a GT1 yet? I am
      getting ready to do so and would like to get any suggestions or sample
      settings to shorten the learning curve. Any assistance would be most

      By the way, as a testament to the GT1, I was able to get a six minute
      unguided pic of M51 on Saturday. No star trails at all. Configuration was
      GT1, FLT110, Megrez 80, using the MX7-usb. Had some wonderful comments from
      other folks about the configuration and the quality of WO's products. My
      chest was puff'd out like a peacocks with pride. Thanks WO.

      All the best,

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