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186022 New FLT98/DSI Pro III Photos

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  • Matt Taylor
    Sep 1, 2008
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      I was able to image last night and spent some more time getting to know the FLT-98. So far I'm fairly impressed with the focuser, no slipping so far but I'm not yet tried my heavier ST2000XM camera. It does however hold my DSI Pro III with ATIK filter wheel really well, no signs of slippage even when pointing near zenith. I also like the 2 thumbscrew setup on the drawtube. The focuser makes manual focusing the camera easy.
      The optics really showed some great ability to pull detail out of poor transparency skies and as I suspected the halos on brighter stars in the previous image of M15 was caused by something other than the telescope, most likely sky conditions I suppose.
      Anyway, here are the photos I shot last night, full capture details are below each photo.
      Best Regards,
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