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17606Re: Erecting eyepiece

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  • Bruce D
    Apr 1 10:36 PM
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      I'm not aware of an "erecting eyepiece" but they do offer erecting
      diagonals which will carry a standard eyepiece and present an erect
      image to the observer.

      I have the 45 degree erecting eyepiece and it works fine in daylight.
      It's definitely not something you would want to use at night. CN has a
      review - iirc in the forums.

      As has been commented previously, the resolution of camera lenses is
      seldom as good as even a basic telescope can offer. The poor image
      quality combined with the eye's accomodation for slight focus
      inaccuracies makes me skeptical that critical focus could really be
      achieved by substituting an eyepiece.

      That said, you could use a Ronchi or knife edge focuser to prefocus -
      or maybe even a Hartmann mask with the camera attached. These
      techniques tend to require you focus on a bright target then point the
      camera at whatever you're interested in.

      Bruce, Toronto
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