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17061Re: Megrez 110 vs FLT 110

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  • David Morrow
    Jan 1 4:10 AM
      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "willsonjared"
      <willsonjared@...> wrote:

      >I use an FLT-110 with field flattener and an STL-11000 camera

      Hi Willson,

      Any chance you are using the TMB flattener?
      I have the FLT-110, TMB flattener, WO STL adapter, and STL-11000.
      Unfortunately I am getting significant field distortion in the
      corners of the images.
      WO claims the flattener and adapter were optimized for the STL but
      they have not responded since I sent the images for evaluation.
      Are you, or anyone else, getting good results with the TMB FF and STL?

      The focuser on the FLT-110 is more robust than the 2" crayfords I
      have from several well known manufacturers. The heavy camera does not
      rock the WO focuser and a robofocus motor is very easy to install, V
      curves are almost perfect and the tension adjustment is a non-issue.

      David Morrow

      > I use an FLT-110 with field flattener and an STL-11000 camera (very
      > heavy--much more than your typical DSLR) and the combination is
      > definitely pushing the focuser to the limit. It works fine, but I
      > need to keep the focuser perfectly adjusted; hard to keep it tight
      > enough to hold the camera even vertically while keeping it loose
      > enough that you can control it precisely. I haven't had Bruce's
      > of the focuser tension changing with temperature, but I live in
      > Northern California not Toronto.
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