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16831Re: (Slightly OT) US Import Taxes from Taiwan

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  • xlh1450
    Dec 3, 2007
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      Yes Virginia, you do not pay duty on any scope coming into Canada.
      Anyone that has paid duty on a telescope, or telescope accessory,
      should apply to have the amount refunded. Our hobby lumps all our
      purchases under Scientific Research, therefore no duty is due. There
      might have been some confusion to the duty police on how the item
      was listed on the invoice, so it would be safe to say, that if they
      weren't sure what it was, they will charge you duty and leave it up
      to you to apply for a refund. There are specific numbers that need
      to be used to get the items duty free. If you see any other numbers,
      then they have classified it wrong. These numbers are for Canada.

      9005.80.10.10 telescopes
      9005.90.19.00 telescope parts and accessories

      Taxes and brokerage fees are a whole different ball game.
      Usually, if the shipment comes via air, the brokerage is included,
      but the PST and GST are due. Canada Post likes to charge a $5 or $8
      brokerage/collection fee, unless it's under $40 (I think) or a gift
      or a warranty repair. Items coming into Canada from Taiwan have been
      known to not ask for any taxes. And, taxes and brokerage have been
      billed to customers after they receive their items. So, you never
      know how you did until a week or two goes by.

      Alberta Premium Optics
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