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14825Re: Zenithstar ED or FD for wide field astronomy?

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  • baldeagleswordsman
    May 1, 2007
      Hi Scott,

      As far as I can see both scopes have the same baffle, so I don't know
      what caused the masking. Consequently, I would check any ZS scope for
      masking, some may have it and some may not. Cutting the baffle is not
      an option unless the scope is out of warrenty, since cutting would
      void the warrenty as per WO.


      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Scott Walker" <sdwalker@...>
      > Per the numbers given on the WO websight the FD color correction is
      about twice as good as the ED. The numbers given for the ED are
      aboat twices as good as a standard achromat. It looks like Steve
      could see this difference between the two which is not surprising.
      As for the masking of the IIED I would like to see the numbers. I
      would think they use the same baffles as the FD. I know the last
      baffle looks like it just lets the full 80mm through on the FD. What
      is causing the masking on the 80IIED?
      > Scott Walker
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      > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 6:16 PM
      > Subject: Re: [William-Optics] Zenithstar ED or FD for wide field
      > Hi Zsolt,
      > I owned the WO ZS II ED, returned it, and replaced it with the
      FD. I'm the person who's not satisfied with the II ED's color
      correction and by my calculations it was masked down to a 70mm scope.
      WO claims that it was masked by only 2mm. I'll post a photo, if it's
      allowed, and you can decide for yourself.
      > On the positive side, I'm very happy with the color correction of
      the FD and there's no masking.
      > I suspect if use it on DSOs, you won't have a problem with CA in
      the II ED.
      > SteveC
      > On Mon Apr 30 9:46 , 'szalma_zsolt' <zsolo@...> sent:
      > Hi guys! My name is Zsolt Szalma, just joined this group. I
      live in
      > Hungary and currently own a William Optics Zenithstar 66SD
      > It's a really beauty and gives excellent, clear images at low
      and mid
      > powers. However good it is, it's stillonly a 66mm scope. So
      I've ben
      > thinking about upgrading it to an 80mm William Optics scope.
      > would be even better, but way out of my budget. So it must be
      an 80mm
      > telescope. I would use it for at low and mid powers for wide
      > deep-sky astronomy. Once in a while I'd look at the Moon or a
      > but this wouldn't be its main use.
      > Let's see the options.
      > The Megrez triplet is too expensive for me, so it's out of
      > That leaves me with two Zenithstars to choose from. One is the
      ED II,
      > the other is the FD. Reviews favor the FD for its better color
      > correction. However the FD is really streching my budget. The
      ED is
      > more affordable (at least here in Hungary). Here I need your
      help in
      > my decision. Those of you who looked through both, what do you
      > of them? Is false color significantly worse in the ED? Or would
      it be
      > perfectly suitable for the intended use? If the FD is that much
      > better, I'm ready to buy it, but I don't want to spend extra
      money on
      > something that would not be that much improved for deep-sky
      > Every suggestion, tip or review is appreciated!!
      > Thanks a lot in advance!
      > Zsolt Szalma
      > (Hungary)
      > P.S. I read in other forum that the Zenithstar 80 FD is stepped
      > to 75mm really, because of the baffles. Any truth in that
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