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14820Re: [William-Optics] Zenithstar ED or FD for wide field astronomy?

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  • Szalma Zsolt
    May 1, 2007
      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your input. Every opinion is welcome, pro or con. I use the
      Zenithstar 66 SD and color is not a problem at low, medium
      magnifications. It does show some red color at high powers, and thus
      makes splitting close doubles more difficult. I suspect the 80mm version
      would perform similar as the they both use the same type of glass. Good
      for deep-sky, not so good for lunar/planetary or close doubles.
      However, what worries me more than color is the masking issue. If I
      intend to purchase an 80mm scope then I wouldn't want a 70mm instead.
      Not even a 75mm. So, if the EDII is really masked down, I might want to
      buy the FD instead.

      Zsolt Szalma

      scouture@... wrote:
      > Hi Zsolt,
      > I owned the WO ZS II ED, returned it, and replaced it with the FD. I'm
      > the person who's not satisfied with the II ED's color correction and by
      > my calculations it was masked down to a 70mm scope. WO claims that it
      > was masked by only 2mm. I'll post a photo, if it's allowed, and you can
      > decide for yourself.
      > On the positive side, I'm very happy with the color correction of the FD
      > and there's no masking.
      > I suspect if use it on DSOs, you won't have a problem with CA in the II ED.
      > SteveC
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