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  • David Yang
    Apr 2, 2002
      Hello Gregory,
      Lovely images, bravo ! 
      Yes, you are correct DCL for Olympus is called DCL-43, little mistake on our listing, will update ASAP.
      Please email me to obtain further information on DCL-43 david@.... I will announce on the groups once they are ready to launch.

      Thank you again,

      David Yang
      William Optics Corp. 
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      From: gregorx2001
      Sent: 2002年4月3日 下午 01:29
      To: William-Optics@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [William-Optics] DCL28
      Hi All,
      I am the biggest fan of the DCL28 for my Nikon 995.  It is just
      great.  I also happen to be a moderator of the digital camera
      astrophotography list (1100+members).  I have a question about the
      new Olympus version.  Why is also called DCL28?  I thought the 28 was
      the thread size.  Aren't both 24mm eyepieces?  I would understand if
      it was called DCL24 but this is a really confusing product name.  I
      recommend your digital camera products all the time and can't say
      enough good about it but how can I tell someone to purchase it if
      both have the same name/number?  I would have expected the Olympus
      model to be called DCL43.

      Just thought I would pass this on.
      Here are my dcl28 images:

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