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  • Keith Townsend
    Nov 22, 2006
      Hi - I made a post the other day but neglected to introduce myself :-(
      so I'm sorry and will put that right. I am Keith Townsend & I live in
      England - very near to Cambridge and towards the East coast. I have
      owned a series of telescopes from 250mm reflectors to 80mm refractors
      and now have the Megrez 90 Fl Doublet. I am still waiting for the
      mounting plate before being able to set up on my SynScan HEQ5 (V3) for
      some tests. My primary interest is in imaging deep sky objects, for
      which I use an SXV M8c with the SXV guide-head through a Celestron off-
      axis guider and you can see my work to date at:


      I am really impressed with the build quality of the WO equipment and
      look forward to some great imaging opportunities and contributing to
      this group.
      Clear skies all and regards
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