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1146Megrez points.

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  • shugal333
    Feb 1, 2002
      I'm looking to replace my old ST80 refractor, and the Megrez looks
      possibly the one to do it...
      The S&T review certainly got me interested but there were a few
      points still to be improved...I was wondering if these have been put
      into place yet.
      I think the main ones were shipping a thicker 2 diagonal and having
      a fully multicoated lens.

      Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere ( I had a quick
      look through the messages but I didn't find any clear answers )
      Are they standard on the Megrez yet. If not are they due to be and
      when ??

      Also, my other possible choice is the Stellarvue 80mm. Any reason why
      the Megrez would be a better choice ?? Or are they about equal on
      quality ??

      Stuart Scott