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10063Re: WO dovetail plate questions...

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  • Tom M
    Jul 1, 2006
      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, Jim Easterbrook <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > At 05:15 30/06/2006, Tom M wrote:
      > >Also, will the Losmandy plates fit the WO saddle if I get an EZ-Touch?
      > I don't know about Losmandy plates, but I have a Baader 3" rail that
      > is almost too narrow for my WO saddle. The clamp on the WO plate is
      > almost at the end of its travel when tightened on the Baader rail.
      > It's a pity that all 3" dovetails are not the same width, and I'm
      > surprised more people aren't aware of the problem.
      > Jim Easterbrook <http://astro.jim-easterbrook.me.uk/>
      > N51.36 W0.25

      What's really maddening is that I just measured things and the narrow
      portion of the dovetail would fit. It's the wide part that's about 1mm
      too wide.

      When comparing it to a Losmandy plate it seems that the only real
      difference is that the WO plates leave a sharp edge on the dovetail
      while the Losmandy plates remove a bit prior to the anodizing process.
      If that same step were done to the WO plates they'd fit the Losmandy
      saddle plate. Frustrating.

      Either way I need to spend more money to purchase a pair of Losmandy
      DUPS or take my WO plates down to a machine shop and have the edges
      milled just a bit.
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