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WO 110 F/5.95 Doublet

I recently purchased the 110mm F/5.95 doublet. I am very impressed with the color correction and the quality of the optics. If any of you have information or
Mar 13
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Re: Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

Hi, It has been discussed several times actually, and there is an ongoing new thread on CN here - William Optics Star 71 First Light - Beginning and
Feb 21

Re: Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

What does it look like? A lot of users of the WoStar71 are noticing diffraction spikes. I have heard that they come from soft tipped screws holding the lens
Feb 20

Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

Hi, I have received information from one owner of the (german) TS clone of the same astrograph (as Star 71) that he might have a pinching problem with lenses
Feb 17

Re: Location of the WO online shop's warehouse

I have found my answer. The normal WO Online shop is located in Taiwan. WilliamOptics http://www.williamoptics.com/wo_shop/index.php?=common/home¤cy=USD
Feb 13

Re: ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

I agree with Rod....this is a very light and small scope. It provides gorgeous wide field views, I use it for imaging and it is easily balanced with 5-10
Feb 7

Re: ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

No. Balance is not an issue. Depending on the diagonal/eyepieces you may need a light counterweight. About 5-pounds works well. Rod Mollise Contributing Editor
Rod Mollise
Feb 6

ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

I want to mount this telescope on either an EQ 3 mount or good Altaz mount. Is balance a possible issue? Any suggestions would be welcomed
Feb 6

Location of the WO online shop's warehouse

Good day Where is the warehouse of the William Optics online shop located? Is it in the United States or in Taiwan? I make use of the courier services of
Feb 6

Re: WO Star71 rings

Reference WO website, all their rings state; Supplied with five threaded holes (external imperial threading 1/4x20; internal M6 metric threading) for mounting
Jan 29

Re: WO Star71 rings

Thank you Nelson. I sent an email to William Optics a few days ago but have received no answer. I will get the M6 screws and see if they work. Thanks again.
Jan 29

Re: WO Star71 rings

Hi Bruce, They are probably M6 metric screws - Similar to 1/4" screws, but the threads don't match either. Best regards, N. Viegas 2015-01-27 14:37 GMT+00:00
Nelson Viegas
Jan 27

WO Star71 rings

Can anyone tell me the screw size/threading for holes in the rings of the Star71? Two screws were furnished with the mounting bar on the bottom but I need a
Jan 27

Re: Starlight instruments 3.5" focuser back end question

Does anyone have any experience using this longer adapter? Roger
Dec 29, 2014

Starlight instruments 3.5" focuser back end question

Recently purchased a SECONDS 3.5" focuser back end to adapt William Optics accessories. The unit I got was different from the image on any website selling this
    Dec 29, 2014
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