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WO 110 F/5.95 Doublet

I recently purchased the 110mm F/5.95 doublet. I am very impressed with the color correction and the quality of the optics. If any of you have information or
Mar 13, 2015
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Re: Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

Hi, It has been discussed several times actually, and there is an ongoing new thread on CN here - William Optics Star 71 First Light - Beginning and
Feb 21, 2015

Re: Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

What does it look like? A lot of users of the WoStar71 are noticing diffraction spikes. I have heard that they come from soft tipped screws holding the lens
Feb 20, 2015

Pinched optics on Star 71 clone?

Hi, I have received information from one owner of the (german) TS clone of the same astrograph (as Star 71) that he might have a pinching problem with lenses
Feb 17, 2015

Re: Location of the WO online shop's warehouse

I have found my answer. The normal WO Online shop is located in Taiwan. WilliamOptics http://www.williamoptics.com/wo_shop/index.php?=common/home¤cy=USD
Feb 13, 2015

Re: ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

I agree with Rod....this is a very light and small scope. It provides gorgeous wide field views, I use it for imaging and it is easily balanced with 5-10
Feb 7, 2015

Re: ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

No. Balance is not an issue. Depending on the diagonal/eyepieces you may need a light counterweight. About 5-pounds works well. Rod Mollise Contributing Editor
Rod Mollise
Feb 6, 2015

ZenithStar Semi Apo 66

I want to mount this telescope on either an EQ 3 mount or good Altaz mount. Is balance a possible issue? Any suggestions would be welcomed
Feb 6, 2015

Location of the WO online shop's warehouse

Good day Where is the warehouse of the William Optics online shop located? Is it in the United States or in Taiwan? I make use of the courier services of
Feb 6, 2015

Re: WO Star71 rings

Reference WO website, all their rings state; Supplied with five threaded holes (external imperial threading 1/4x20; internal M6 metric threading) for mounting
Jan 29, 2015

Re: WO Star71 rings

Thank you Nelson. I sent an email to William Optics a few days ago but have received no answer. I will get the M6 screws and see if they work. Thanks again.
Jan 29, 2015

Re: WO Star71 rings

Hi Bruce, They are probably M6 metric screws - Similar to 1/4" screws, but the threads don't match either. Best regards, N. Viegas 2015-01-27 14:37 GMT+00:00
Nelson Viegas
Jan 27, 2015

WO Star71 rings

Can anyone tell me the screw size/threading for holes in the rings of the Star71? Two screws were furnished with the mounting bar on the bottom but I need a
Jan 27, 2015

Re: Starlight instruments 3.5" focuser back end question

Does anyone have any experience using this longer adapter? Roger
Dec 29, 2014

Starlight instruments 3.5" focuser back end question

Recently purchased a SECONDS 3.5" focuser back end to adapt William Optics accessories. The unit I got was different from the image on any website selling this
    Dec 29, 2014
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