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What a great camp stove!

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  • Jeffrey Brooks
    Hello friends I was recently introduced to a camping accessory that I thought was so brilliant that I wanted to tell the members of this listserve about. I ran
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2007
      Hello friends I was recently introduced to a camping accessory that I
      thought was so brilliant that I wanted to tell the members of this listserve
      about. I ran into a dedicated wilderness person, like myself, at a
      campground near Tucson, AZ. Conner is his name. There he demonstrated a
      camp stove to me. I think the product is so brilliant that I plan to
      purchase one as soon as I can afford it.

      Upon my return to the campground Conner showed me his camp stove, which is a
      Sierra Zip Stove from ZZ Manufacturing. He said his stove ran for months on
      a single AA battery, which did not make any sense to me. I had heard of
      this stove before, so I wanted to see it for myself. It turns out the fuel
      for the stove is twigs and sticks, and the AA batter simply runs a fan,
      which provides air for fluidized bed combustion, which is brilliant. If
      that had been explained to me from the beginning I would have been most
      interested in the stove, but each person that told me about the stove only
      mentioned the battery. Understanding the laws of thermodynamics, I knew a
      single AA battery was not going to provide enough watts to boil even one cup
      of water under ideal conditions.

      While we sat on rocks in the dry Soldier Camp Creek, Conner broke up some
      twigs and folded them into the small burn zone inside the Zip Stove along
      with some dried leaves, he then poured in a few ounces of rubbing alcohol,
      which he also used for bathing, then he lit the leaves and let them burn a
      little, then he placed his small titanium pot full of water onto the Sierra
      Zip Stove, then he turned on the switch for the fan. In moments the stove
      was ablaze and he then busied himself with feeding the stove with more

      The pot came to a boil in a few minutes then we made hibiscus tea with the
      hot water. While we enjoyed our cups of hot tea he explained that the stove
      fits perfectly inside a small pot. I could see that the little Zip Stove
      would augment my wilderness lifestyle considerably and plan to purchase one
      at my earliest convenience. The stove with mating pot only costs $79. I
      imagined using it to bake a single potato in the burn chamber, which would
      add to my nutrition and simplify the expenses of my wilderness lifestyle. I
      also saw how I could make it work to heat the inside of my van with some
      simple ducting for exhaust.

      The Zip Stove website says: A single "AA" battery powers the fan for 6
      hours. The optional "D" CELL POWER SUPPLY provides over 35 hours of cooking

      The SIERRA SET includes a polished stainless steel kettle with frying pan
      cover, a wrap around windshield for faster and more efficient cooking, a
      cross grate for burning long sticks, tongs, a sample of ZIP FIRES and a
      nylon carry sack. The entire SIERRA SET weighs just 2 lbs. And, The SIERRA
      stove nests inside the kettle for easy backpack storage.

      The SIERRA stove is ideal for backpackers, distance bikers, back country
      horsemen and other campers looking for an extremely lightweight, dependable
      and powerful stove. The SIERRA is an excellent choice for Boy Scouts,
      providing a safe and simple way to learn the skills of campfire cooking. The
      SIERRA burns twigs, bark, pine cones and other woods readily available
      around a campsite, as well as charcoal and other solid fuels. The SIERRA
      incorporates an adjustable speed fan, creating a forced ventilation system
      that provides intense heat and efficient burning. The SIERRA weighs only 1
      lb yet creates up to 18,000 BTU/hr, enough heat to boil a quart of water in
      four minutes.

      Sierra Stove w/Complete Upgrade Kit- Part 111C
      This is the SIERRA STOVE with the COMPLETE SIERRA upgrade kit.
      Includes Kettle/Lid, Cross Grate, Wrap Around Shield, Sack & Zip Fires
      Sample. 2LBS 6oz
      Price: $79.00

      May we become peace,

      Jeffrey S, Brooks (Jhananda)
      the Great Western Vehicle € Mahapacchimayana
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