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GWV AZ Wilderness Meditation Retreat

GWV AZ Wilderness Retreat Fall, 2007 By sámañña Jhanananda (Jeffrey S. Brooks) October 27 to November 2, 2007 (Copyright 2007, all rights reserved) Dark
Jeffrey Brooks
Nov 8, 2007

Mystic Fair, Austin, TX

Mystic Fair Update Posted by: "Vince" doc_kunda@...   doc_kunda Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:41 pm (PST) Hello all Our upcoming Mystical Oasis Advancement
Jeffrey Brooks
Oct 19, 2007

An Arizona Ecstatic Buddhist Wilderness October 26th through Novembe

Hello friends, there will be an Arizona Ecstatic Buddhist Wilderness October 26th through November 4th. We will explore various wilderness areas and do some
Jeffrey Brooks
Oct 16, 2007

What a great camp stove!

Hello friends I was recently introduced to a camping accessory that I thought was so brilliant that I wanted to tell the members of this listserve about. I ran
Jeffrey Brooks
Oct 15, 2007

Ecstatic Buddhist Wilderness Retreat, Altoona, PA

Sept 21-30, 2007 Ecstatic Buddhist Wilderness Retreat, near Wopsononick Mt. outside of Altoona, PA. It will be led by GWV certified meditation teacher D.
Jeffrey Brooks
Aug 13, 2007

An Arizona Ecstatic Buddhist Wilderness Retreat

Hello friends, we are in the planning stages for a wilderness retreat in Arizona this summer. Anyone who is interested in attending an Ecstatic Buddhist
Jeffrey Brooks
Jul 20, 2007

GWV Biofuels Research Project

Hello dear friends of the GWV. For the last five months I have been deeply involved in the GWV¹s bio-fuels project to help sustain it and our free services.
Jeffrey Brooks
May 24, 2007

FW: [Circle_of_Light] Howdy Folks

... From: A Rainbow Family Calendar & Tribal Mailer Reply-To: azure@..., circle_of_light@... Date:
Jeffrey Brooks
May 21, 2007

the GWV newsletter is now available

Hello friends the December issue of the GWV newsletter is now available in PDF format. In this issue you will find: 1) An introduction of our new certified
Dec 15, 2006

Subjects needed for meditation research

The Great Western Vehicle is conducting research into the phenomena of meditative absorption. If you believe that you may be experiencing any kind of
Sep 21, 2006

Supporting the GWV

Today I was scouting for a campsite and inadvertently backed into a culvert that was so over grown that I did not see it. The right rear wheel fell into the
Jeffrey Brooks
Aug 21, 2006


August 1, 2006 ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ ^:^:^ THE WILDERNESS RETREATS ^:^:^ ^:^:^ Vol. 01.08
Jeffrey Brooks
Aug 6, 2006

[Circle_of_Light] [Conversation] [Budnews] Down by the River!~

From: "A Rainbow Family Calendar & Mailer" Reply-To: , Date:
Jun 24, 2006

Living in the National Forest

Hello friends, those of you who might be interested in undergoing a long wilderness retreat as I have been now for 3 years, you may find developing a
Jun 21, 2006

[Circle_of_Light] Howdy Folks!!!! -- Gathering Information

From: "A Rainbow Family Calendar & Mailer" Reply-To: , Date:
Jun 12, 2006
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