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Boycott John Travolta's New Movie

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  • Kristen Sherman-Gosnell
    I saw the advertisement for John Travolta s new movie Swordfish and was reminded of a promise I made during it s filming. You see I worked on the 12th floor
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
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      I saw the advertisement for John Travolta's new movie "Swordfish" and was reminded of a promise I made during it's filming.  You see I worked on the 12th floor of the building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles that was next to the parking lot/garage where they did some of the filming and storage of the buses they used in the movie.  On the roof of that garage/lot in the back corner there used to be a little tent and a structure made of plywood.  That was the home of this very sweet homeless couple who had an unwritten agreement with the owner of the property.  As long as they kept everything clean and didn't bother anyone they could stay.  I noticed the buses and the blocked streets and really didn't pay much attention to it.  That's just common to Los Angeles.  About three days into the filming I went to the mail room on the 11th floor that overlooked the shelter of the couple.  Much to my amazement it was gone.  When I inquired as to what had happened, I found out that the production company had them and their belongings "displaced."  The producers of "Swordfish" had the couple removed and the little bit of stuff they had in this world thrown away.  So, this is my plea:

      Boycott "Swordfish" on behalf of America's Homeless! 

      Don't start a chain letter, don't overload the postal system and media with letters, don't promise anyone good luck...Just don't go see the movie and tell everyone you know not to go see the movie.

      Remember that we all have to potential to lose our homes, our jobs, and our lives.


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