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An Ahimsa ThanXgiving - Fast 2006

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  • Augie
    Namaste Oh, no! Here it comes again! Those dreaded holidays where Vegans waffle between: A) Going to a family get-together and literally suffer through hours
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      Oh, no! Here it comes again! Those dreaded holidays where Vegans
      waffle between:

      A) Going to a family get-together and literally suffer through hours
      of staring at dead carcasses, watching as others gulp down – not
      chewing – these abused souls,
      B) Going to a family get-together and endure all those not so casual
      comments about anti-Veganism,
      C) Not going to these gatherings and trying to arrange a dinner for
      like-minded folks,
      D) Not going to these gatherings and staying by themselves with their
      E) Not going to these gatherings and wondering if we hurt the
      feelings of unconcerned/uncaring humans,
      F) Not going to the dinners, but arriving afterwards for "dessert"
      G) Not going to these gatherings and fasting.

      That's right! I said FASTING.
      I will be fasting this ThanXgiving again - this has been a tradition
      since 1998.
      I hope some list members will be joining me on this day of torture,
      death, greed, selfishness and debauchery by doing the same.

      My fast is in HONOR/REMEMBERENCE/REVERENCE of the MILLIONS of animals
      that are tortured and abused, then slaughtered just for this one (1)
      day alone in the U.S.

      I am not discussing one (1) day fasts. My fasts run from Wednesday
      until Sunday.

      Fasting achieves numerous benefits. It is a wonderful way to clean out
      the body as far as health is concerned.

      Spiritually, it also cleanses the soul.

      Originally, fasting was used to 'get closer to the higher being.'

      It was also used to rid sick bodies of diseases. This was copied from
      watching animals when they are ill. They either eat greens or nothing
      at all.

      Modern times has shown fasting to be a form of protest.
      Gandhi also used fasting to bring his point across.

      My fasting tradition has came about when I could no longer go to
      family gatherings for this 'holiday' and sit around a table infested
      with dead carcass and by-products.
      Even the 'religious' holidays were laughable as we traipsed to our
      building of worship only to march back to a home full of death,
      abuse and chemical irresponsibility.

      I have had numerous opportunities to join like-minded folks for a
      holiday feast, but prefer to not look upon this holiday as a festive
      occasion. Why? Because it also represents false facts throughout
      American history. Native Americans were thwarted into slavery and
      near-annihilitation by the 'white man' in the name of 'god.' Recent
      findings are coming out that there was no turkey - or even any kind of
      'meat' - at the dinner; only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.

      Then, back to modern times, it always bothered me that after these
      dinners, the male attendees would gather together in front of a
      television set to watch the bloodsport known as 'football,' leaving
      the women (slaves again to the 'white man') to clean up and watch
      after the children.

      You are invited and welcome to join my discussion list:

      Starting next week there will appear articles, information and guides
      about the history and hypocrisy of ThanXgiving, as well as how to cope
      with the upcoming holidays.
      Additionally, you will find ways to fast safely and wisely.
      For those who wish to "celebrate" and not fast, you will find tons of
      recipes and tips, as well!

      As we ready ourselves for Fur-Free Friday, also known as "Buy Nothing
      Day," I wish everyone who is willing to "take the plunge" the best of
      luck in a successful and quick fast, and may all of our efforts pay off!

      = = = = = = = = = =

      Here are my other discussion lists that also contain tons of
      information in each of their categories – DAILY!!!
      Please research the message archives for information you are seeking
      and what you have missed:

      Everything Yoga!

      American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

      Alternative Schooling Within The School System

      Om Shanti

      Live Simply So That
      Others May Simply Live
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