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SF Chronicle: US likely to use depleted uranium again

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  • Henry Lindner
    SF Chronicle: US likely to use depleted uranium again _________________________________________________ International Action Alert Turkey has made history!
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      SF Chronicle: US likely to use depleted uranium again

      International Action Alert

      Turkey has made history!

      Please join us in giving support to the Grand National
      Assembly of
      Turkey for their decision not to support the war against

      Dear Friends,

      On March 1st, as 100.000 anti-war activists were marching
      in the
      streets of Ankara, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
      said "NO TO
      by defeating the "War Resolution" prepared by the
      government earlier
      last week.

      This is tantamount to saying "YES" to the will of the

      With their votes, the deputies said "NO" to:

      -- the deployment of foreign (i.e. American) soldiers in
      -- the use of bases and ports by foreign military forces,
      -- the deployment of Turkish soldiers outside Turkey (i.e.

      This means that there will be no "Northern Front" in the
      planned war!

      We believe that this decision might be decisive in
      postponing or
      stopping the war!

      As the Peace Initiative of Turkey, we have held a press
      today to thank the Grand National Assembly and to assure
      them that
      have our full support as long as they maintain their stance
      the war. We asked them to keep Ankara as the capital of

      The U.S. pressure on the Turkish government is stronger
      than ever.
      In the midst of an economic crisis, Turkey is likely to
      tremendously from this state of uncertainty and loss of
      U.S. support.

      It is thus very important that the international community
      support to the government and the Grand National Assembly
      at this
      moment! They need to know that they are not alone!

      Please write to members of the government, the parties in
      the Grand
      National Assembly, and the President, and let them know how
      you feel
      about their decision on March 1st.

      In solidarity,

      Peace Initiative of Turkey



      President of State
      Ahmet Necdet Sezer
      fax: +90.312 427 13 30
      e-mail: cumhurbaskanligi@...

      Speaker of Parliament
      Bulent Arinc
      fax: +90.312 420 51 65

      Prime Minister
      Abdullah Gul
      Fax: +90.312 417 04 76
      e-mail: abdullah.gul@...

      Deputy Prime Minister
      Ertugrul Yalcinbayir
      fax: +90.312 419 54 43
      e-mail: ertugrul.yalcinbayir@...

      Speaker of Government
      Abdullatif Sener
      e-mail: abdullatif.sener@...

      Human Rights Comission
      Fax: +90. 312 420 53 94
      e-mail: inshkkom@...

      National Defense Comission
      Fax: +90.312 420 53 28
      e-mail: savkom@...

      Minister of Foreign Affairs
      Yasar Yakis
      Fax: +90.312 287 88 11
      e-mail: info@...

      President of Justice and Development Party (AKP)
      (Ruling Party)
      Tayyip Erdogan

      President of Republican People's Party (CHP)
      (Main Opposition Party)
      Deniz Baykal
      e-mail: dbaykal@...
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