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cursed as abortionists by the right and eugenicists by the left.

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  • aditmore@juno.com
    Here in the USA, we overpopulation activists are almost universally cursed as abortionists by the right and eugenicists by the left, leaving us little choice
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2010
      Here in the USA, we overpopulation activists are almost
      universally cursed as abortionists by the right and eugenicists by the
      left, leaving us little choice but to concentrate into localized
      majorities and use MUNICIPAL government to fund contraception.

      What limited success we have had has been with numbersUSA and the
      right wing xenophobes, which has heightened our denunciations from the
      left, but resulted in a winning anti-immigration majority. However we
      are very aware that this coalition puts contraception and abortion at
      risk even though they are far more cost-effective than hiring either
      border guards or land-use planners. I think the best plan is to allow
      contraception and abortion to be attacked and then break with the right
      only when the moderates join the left in their defense. Meanwhile we can
      back the xenophobes in cutting immigration and breeder subsidies and let
      the left scream whatever they want in their helpless minority tirades
      until they learn to prioritize contraception over multiculturalism.
      has an excellent free fax system that always allows a PS statement and
      modification, and I always include modifications to demand contraception
      funding and exemptions for sterile and gay immigrants.

      So our best national scale hopes are in simultaneous issue based
      coalitions with the xenophobes and the feminists, but our REAL hope is
      not national. It is with selected LOCAL governments where we are
      concentrated and where we can concentrate further. However land use
      planning hinders our ability to concentrate and so must be replaced by
      contraception, which is far more cost-effective anyway.

      Meanwhile, the only reason to vote for either major party is to more
      evenly split and gridlock the legislature thus giving third party
      candidates, like ours, the deciding vote.

      PS I'm going to add one bit of advise to land-use planners to save
      themselves from complete hostility by overpopulation activists. If they
      would learn to limit the SIZE of homes rather than the NUMBER of homes,
      thus limiting the amount of room for children in each housing unit,
      land-use planners could at least stop actively causing overpopulation.

      Re: Population boom inevitable, PM told
      Posted by: "William Bourke" stablepopulation@...
      Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:37 pm (PST)

      Dear Frosty

      Thanks for your interest in SPA and Australia.

      From a personal viewpoint though, I must admit a few things do concern

      In particular, your focus on immigration and the loss of Australian
      culture, language, etc.

      As a humble member of SPA, I am not aware that culture is an issue for
      our organisation.

      In Australia, some are trying hard to educate the public that the
      population debate is not about immigration per se. Growing local, or by
      immigration, is not sustainable. It will not make any difference what
      culture is dominant in Australia if we irrecoverably overload our country
      and the planet.

      I am concerned that comments in Australia linking population and the
      environment to culture and language will result in people criticising us
      for using 'population' as a cloak. That wouldn't be helpful in my view.


      William Bourke
      Moms Asked to Return to School
      Grant Funding May Be Available to Those That Qualify.

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