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    URGENT, WORLD FOOD SUMMIT . STARTS AT NOV. 5, 2001 , ROME , ITALY. Dear Caring friend, The World Food Summit is scheduled to be held in Rome from November 5 to
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      STARTS AT NOV. 5, 2001 , ROME , ITALY.

      Dear Caring friend,

      The World Food Summit is scheduled to be held in Rome from November
      5 to November 9, 2001 at the headquarters of the Food and Agricultural
      Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. The aim of the Summit is to
      assess progress made since the last World Food Summit in 1996.

      In 1996, Summit participants agreed to the following goal: "to halve, by
      the year 2015...the proportion of people who suffer from hunger..."
      The FAO now admits that progress towards that goal has been insufficient
      and that changes must be made if the goal is to be met. At the 2001
      Summit, high level delegates (including heads of state) from most of the
      nations of the world will come together to discuss the situation and to
      make agreements about what should be done. It is likely that global
      food policy for the next decade will be decided at the Summit.

      Please let's send this very urgent, important letter by EMAIL and FAX
      to ALL of the CONTACTS below. They all need to be educated.
      They must know the responses from the concerned world citizens .
      Every Contact below is very important. All of the REFERENCES are
      very important to reach them. Additionally , we must always contact
      FAO often to let them know the newest important information
      on our health, environment and animals issues.

      provided below. You are welcome to write your own letter if you wish.
      Thanks so much for your urgent help for the plight of billions of
      animals worldwide as well as the environment and human health.

      (note: If you have any more questions on the Summit itself,
      you may contact : http://www.globalhunger.net/summit.html )

      SAMPLE LETTER : (you may write your own letter if you wish).

      Dear FAO,

      In light of the upcoming World Food Summit on Nov 5, 2001,
      We would like to urge you please greatly promote "PLANT FOODS"
      in all countries for the sake of the Human Health, the Environment, and
      the Animal Welfare. Please replace the meat with much healthier "SOY".

      The global trend in meat consumption is rising rapidly as the third world
      country catching up the western lifestyle and its eating habit as well
      as its associated most popular western deadly diseases, Heart diseases,
      Cancers, Diabetes, Strokes, Obesity. The United States is leading the
      world meat stampede. The U.S. government has been exerting great
      efforts to export the meat, dairy and poultry to numerous countries.
      (see Important Reference # 1 )

      The meat, dairy and poultry industries have enormous power, money
      and lobby in the Untied States Congress, the U.S. Government,
      some of the biggest health organizations as well as massive media
      advertisements and bombardment daily to the public etc. in U.S.,
      despite more than one million of Americans each year died
      from the above popular chronic degenerative diseases due to high
      saturated fat, high cholesterol primarily from animals sources foods.
      (see Important References # 2 )

      Economic colonialism imposed on developing countries by transnational
      meat conglomerates. Several US meat companies are growing into
      transnational conglomerates by acquiring domestic and foreign firms and
      by pushing policies and trade agreements that would vastly expand their
      production capacity and markets in developing countries. Most
      of this expansion would involve massive, cruel "factory farming"
      operations that would eventually breed, raise, and slaughter as many
      as 100 billion animals per year in the world.
      Such operations would also devastate the local food supplies,
      environmental resources, public health, and economic infrastructures.

      Livestock industry projects a 65% and 87% expansion in worldwide
      production and consumption of meat and milk by the year 2020,
      mostly in developing countries.

      We would like to briefly divide the enormous ill impacts from the meat,
      dairy and poultry industries into three aspects :

      A: The Human Health
      B: The Environment
      C: The Animal Cruelty


      1.29 million in 1999, or 54 %, of all U.S. deaths in 1999, were
      attributed to diseases for which consumption of animal products
      represents a substantial risk factor. (see Important Ref. # 3).

      The death rate from the heart diseases is the highest and nearly one
      million Americans died each year in the U.S from such disease.
      The principal risk factors for Heart diseases are high cholesterol
      levels. Saturated fats raise cholesterol levels. They are found
      predominately in animal products .

      According to "Cancer Prevention Coalition", Nitrites are widely
      used as preservatives in meat products. Nitrites combine with amines
      naturally present in meat to form carcinogenic and is associated with
      cancer of the oral cavity, urinary bladder, esophagus, stomach and brain.

      The breast cancers are so rampant in the United States particularly.
      Injections of Bovine Growth Hormone(rBGH) causes cows to
      produce up to 20 percent more "milk" and a ten-fold increase in
      IGF-1 levels in cows receiving the hormone. IGF-1 maintains
      the malignancy of human breast cancer cells.
      (see Important References # 3 ).

      However, Fruits , Vegetable, Beans, and Grains protect human health
      against those deadly western popular diseases. There are numerous
      documents demonstrated that the Soy contains high protein and is
      more superior to the meat and dairy. Soy can replace the meat and
      dairy in terms of the nutritional value. Unlike the meat and dairy,
      soy does not contain the harmful, deadly cholesterol.
      (see Important References # 3 and # 4 )


      In U.S., "factory farms" generate more than 130 times the amount
      of waste that people do. Pollution from livestock farms seriously
      threatens humans, fish, and ecosystems. Animal waste contains
      disease-causing pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli,
      Cryptosporidium, and fecal coliform, which can be ten to
      100 times more concentrated than in human waste.

      Of all agricultural land in the U.S., 87 percent (87%) is used to raise
      animals for food. That is 45 percent of the total land mass in the U.S.
      More than 260 million acres of U.S. forest have been cleared to create
      cropland in order to produce human meat-centered diet. Half of all
      species on earth live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South
      America. These forests are being destroyed at the rate of 260 acres a
      day to produce grazing land for cattle whose flesh is exported to the
      United States for fast-food hamburgers. At this rate, all the rain
      forest in Central America will be gone in 40 years.

      The meat industry is directly responsible for 85 percent of all soil
      erosion in the U.S., because so much grain is needed to feed animals
      being raised for food. In the U.S., animals are fed more than 80 percent
      of the corn we grow and more than 95 percent of the oats. Raising
      animals for food is grossly inefficient, because you have to put 20
      calories of food into an animal to get just one measly calorie back in
      the form of "flesh". The world's cattle alone consume a quantity of food
      equal to the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people—more than the entire
      human population on Earth. According to environmental think-tank
      Worldwatch Institute, "[T]he easiest way to reduce grain consumption
      is to lower the intake of meat and milk, grain-intensive foods.
      Roughly 2 of every 5 tons of grain produced in the world are fed to
      livestock, poultry, or fish; decreasing consumption of these products,
      especially of beef, could free up massive quantities of grain and reduce
      pressure on land." (see Important Reference # 5. )

      C: ANIMAL CRUELTY in Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses :

      Nearly ten billion sentient farm animals are killed in the United States
      alone each year for "Food". The vast majority are raised in intensive-
      confinement systems (factory farms), in which the greatest possible
      number of animals are raised in the smallest possible space and at the
      lowest possible cost to maximize productivity and profits. These animals
      are treated as mere commodities rather than social, intelligent creatures
      who are capable of great suffering and emotional stress.

      The Humane Slaughter Act (HSA) in the US, a law passed in 1958 to
      ensure that animals at federally inspected slaughterhouses are handled
      humanely, is Not being enforced by the US Department of Agriculture
      (USDA). Dave Carney, an USDA meat Inspector for nearly two
      decades in both red meat and poultry plants and was Chairman of the
      National Joint Council of Food Inspection Locals, signed Affidavits
      and stated in 1998 that :

      " There is problem with enforcing Humane Slaughter Act. That's
      because these large slaughtering operations are primarily concerned
      with productivity and Profits. They are not even killing animals.
      They are "disassembling" them. To keep production line moving fast,
      uncooperative animals are beaten, they have prods poked in their
      faces and up their rectums, they have bones broken and eyeballs
      poked out...... Some animals are simply beaten to death... Some
      even reach various stages of the slaughtering process alive. They
      have their hooves cut off, parts of their bung and their cavities
      opened .... The inspectors are required to enforce humane
      regulations on 'paper' only. The Inspectors I talk to are from all
      over the country, it is an everyday occurrence clear across the
      United States. It occurs in swine. It occurs in beef.
      It occurs in calves. Sheep. All species ! The Humane Slaughter
      Act is a regulation on paper only. It is not being enforced."
      (see Important References # 7)

      According to the most recent reports , the killing rate for cattle has
      been pushed to 300 cattle per hour on the assembly killing line in the
      large slaughterhouses. The workers do not even have enough "time" to
      "kill". Therefore, they have no choice but to "dismember" animals alive !
      The US meat industry has been committing the most sadistic,
      unimaginable atrocities, horror and terror to billions of sentient
      animals in its daily operating activities. We do believe this is a
      common scene worldwide.

      In the year 2000, nearly 98 million hogs were slaughtered in the U.S.,
      and the vast majority were raised in "hog FACTORIES" farms.
      At such facilities, breeding sows spend most of their lives in a
      "gestation crate" about two feet wide and similar to the size of the
      back seat of a compact car. She can NOT turn around.
      She is fed at one end of the crate, and her feces collects at the other.
      She often frantically and repeatedly biting the metal bars. Against all
      her natural instincts, she must give birth to piglets, nurse them, eat,
      sleep, defecate, drink, stand and lie in the same cramped space.
      The nursing period is cut drastically short by the premature separation
      of the piglets from their mother. The sow is immediately re-impregnated
      and then sent back to the "Gestation Crates" again ! This evil, vicious
      Cycle is repeated over and over again until the sow's "productivity"
      decreases, and the mother sow is promptly dragged to slaughter !
      The pig factory farms workers torture and kill pigs is very common
      in the U.S. (see Important References # 6 )

      In the modern dairy factory farms, cows have to be subjected to
      pregnancy every year so that milk, butter, cheese, ice cream may be
      produced. Cows' babies are dragged away within 24 hours of birth,
      so humans can drink cow's milk which intended for calves. Giving birth
      is a prolonged and painful business for the cow, however, cows are
      rewarded only by separation from her babies. Cows often cry out and
      search for their babies for days. Then the male calves are sold to
      feed lots and put into tiny veal crates, fatten and chained to endure
      16 weeks of hell in the dark, confined to stalls so small they can not
      even turn around, then slaughtered and sold as Veal, Hamburger or
      Pet foods. Female calves follow in their mother's hoofprints,
      slaughtered when their milk production decreased, usually before their
      4th birthday to become hamburger or pet food. (note: A healthy cow
      can usually live up to 26 years old. ). The dairy industry is
      inseparable from the cruel exploitation and degradation of helpless,
      highly intelligent animals. (see Important References # 8 )

      Based on the above enormous documents and ill impacts on the
      Human health, the Environment, and the Animal Cruelty from those
      animal industries, We are urging you please do all you can to promote
      "PLANT" foods worldwide. Please educate the world the benefits
      and importance of the Fruits, Vegetables, Beans and Grains.
      Please phase out the meat eating habit in the world.

      Thanks so much for your kindness, compassion, and urgent help.

      Sincerely yours,

      Your Name(s),
      Your Address,
      City, State, Zip
      COUNTRY .


      # 1: http://www.worldwatch.org/alerts/pr980704.html
      # 2 "The Politics of Meat and Dairy." :

      # 3: Some important references on human health :
      http://www.vegsource.com/ , Please click on the right side of the
      screen under "VegSource Sites".then click on any Doctor.
      http://www.enn.com/ , enter the word: diet ,on upper left corner Search
      # 4: Some important references on Soy :
      # 5: some important references on Environment :
      http://www.goveg.com/eday/index.html , please click left side topics.
      # 6 : some important references on pig factory farms :
      http://www.hfa.org/pigs-2.html , click every topic on the top.
      # 7: some important references on Animal cruelty :
      http://www.hfa.org/slaughterhouse.html ,
      "Slaughterhouse" by Gail Eisnitz.
      (Please click each photo to get clear and larger photo view. )
      http://www.hfa.org/usda_petition1.html thru
      # 8 : some important references on dairy factory farms :

      (***** Letter Ends here ******)

      CONTACT INFORMATION : every contact is very important:

      1: General Comments for World Food Summit :

      FAX : 011-39-06-570-55249

      (011 is the international code if you dial from USA.
      39 is the country code for Italy.
      06 is the area code for Rome. )

      EMAIL: food-summit@... (@... )

      2: Please EMAIL and FAX to :

      FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf
      Jacques Diouf
      FAO Director-General
      Food and Agriculture Organization
      of the United Nations (FAO)
      Viale delle Terme di Caracalla,
      00100 Rome, Italy

      Telephone: 011-39-0657051 (if you dial from USA ).
      Fax: 011-39-06-57053152
      Telegrams: FOODAGRI ROME

      Email: FAO-HQ@... (@... )

      Please address to : Dear Director-General,

      3: Please also EMAIL to :
      Committee on World Food Security :
      Barbara.Huddleston@... (@... )
      Please address to: Dear Committee on World Food Security,

      4: Please also Email to :
      Mr. David Harcharik, FAO Deputy Director-General
      Email: david.harcharik@... (@... )
      Please address to: Dear Deputy Director-General,
      5: Other important Contacts in FAO :

      Please Copy the following short list of addresses and
      then Paste into your BCC field in your new email.
      Then put your other email address in the "TO" field.
      It needs to have a comma between two addresses.
      Type the letter, check everything carefully and then hit SEND.

      Please simply address to : Dear FAO,

      (note: All of the following addresses have @... at the end.)

      Land-and-Water@... ,
      Tony.Putter@... ,
      Samuel.Jutzi@... ,
      rlc-webmaster@... ,
      FAO-RAP@... ,
      nutrition@... ,
      esc-registry@... ,
      SD-Dimensions@... ,
      policy-training@... ,
      FAO-RAF@... ,
      FAO-REUR@... ,
      FAO-SEUR@... ,

      Again, also send email to following list of addresses.
      All of the following addresses has @... at the end :

      Please simply address to : Dear FAO,

      FAO-SLAC@... ,
      FAO-SAPA@... ,
      FAO-SAFR-Registry@... ,
      FAO-RNE@... ,
      FAO-SNEA@... ,


      6: You may also send the similar letter to the Media people
      in your country(national and local media ) to educate them.

      The media contacts in the US by clicking following :
      Please simply address to : Dear Editor,

      Please click : http://capwiz.com/vision/dbq/media/

      Then enter your local Zip Code , then click right side "Go",
      then click on each Media Name itself, it will show all of the
      important Editor's names and then click on each name,
      you will find their corresponding email address and contact info.

      Or send your Letter to Editor by clicking :
      Then click your State.


      Important Additional note for your own references :
      All of the FAO Contact information can be obtained
      from : http://www.fao.org/info/default.asp
      then click on "General Information on FAO".
      "World Food Summit " Contact information :

      Thanks so much for your kindness, compassion and urgent help.
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