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  • Les U. Knight
    We were discussing eugenics on the VHEMT Volunteers and Supporters list, but of course that s off topic so I m moving it to this list. The big problem with
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      We were discussing eugenics on the VHEMT Volunteers and Supporters'
      list, but of course that's off topic so I'm moving it to this list.
      The big problem with selective breeding is that it requires breeding.

      Something to think about when trying to improve our species by
      encouraging the best specimen to breed is that we aren't taking care
      of the new humans we are creating. It doesn't matter if we create
      geniuses if their development is retarded by environmental
      conditions. Here's an example from Richard Fuller, Executive Director
      of the Blacksmith Institute:

      "I went to a town in Zambia called Kabwe about five years ago
      initially. And this is a place that mines lead and we went into
      schoolyards that were around the old smelter, which has since closed
      down but has left this plume of contamination throughout the town.
      And kids are running around, and they all looked a little sloppy.
      They all seemed a little dull in the eye. We went in and tested the
      school soil and the level of lead in the soil was at 20,000 parts per
      million. That's ore grade! You could actually mine that soil in the
      schoolyard and make money out of it. Now lead is a neurological
      poison. It damages one's nerves' systems. And these kids are all
      mentally retarded. The whole town is actually retarded. And yet, no
      one in the town had told them that they were being poisoned from the
      heavy metal there. And when kids were going into acute toxic shock
      from lead contamination, the doctors, who were obviously controlled
      by the factory owners, were telling them that they had malaria. And
      they would treat them and get some of the lead out of their system
      and send them back home. It breaks your heart when you go to a place
      like that and you just see all these kids that just have no future in
      front of them."

      Don't breed 'em, feed 'em!

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