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1936Why I Don't Breed and the Reasons My Family Wants Me To Breed:

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  • kistnerelizabeth
    Jun 11, 2014
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      I am a person who refuses to breed because:

      1.) my income to debt ratio is so ridiculous (due to medical reasons and student loans) I sometimes don’t have enough money to get gas or feed my husband and I. Why bring a baby into this world if we can’t give them a good life let alone the basics?

      2.) I was born with a type of febrile seizures due to a genetic defect in which I was either going to become epileptic or have the seizures until the end of my childhood. Luckily, I was blessed with the latter choice, however, if I have children, they can be born with the same issue (which sucks because these seizures caused me to have hearing, sight, bone, speech, and nervous issues) which could turn into epilepsy. They too could be born with the genetic predisposition to get Arthritis like I inherited from my father.

      3.) I have arthritis, cubital tunnel, and osteochondritis dissecans in my arms. My arms are numb, they stick and sometimes I cannot care for myself. Why would I make a child suffer by bringing them into a world in which their own mother would have trouble caring for them?

      4.) I don’t want to procreate when there are way too many people just mindlessly breeding and tons of kids who need love.

      5.) I SIMPLY DO NOT FEEL LIKE HAVING KIDS. NEITHER DOES MY HUSBAND. I would rather surround myself with the people I love and care for pets and kids who need loving families than have a kid I didn't want or am not ready for.

      Now, here’s why I’m writing here. My mother and grandmother (and rarely, but sometimes father) surround me and corner me and my other two sisters and yell and scream and b**** at us to have children for them. These are their reasons why we must breed:

      (Apologies for the language. I am using direct quotes because I want others to see how I am treated for my choices.)

      1.) According to mom- I WANT TO BE A GRANDMOTHER. You’re a selfish b**** who cares about no one but herself- otherwise if you gave two s**** about me, you would give me a grandchild.

      2.) According to mom- All I ever wanted while growing up was a baby. My mom says I used to pretend my dolls were my babies. Thus the reason I had you. You're bound to feel the same way.

      3.) According to mom-You need to give me a grandchild soon, otherwise you’ll be too old to have babies and I’ll be too old to be able to take enjoyment in having a grandchild.

      4.) According to grandma- I’m getting old.. too much older and I’ll be dead before you make me a great grandma so go have me a great grandkid!

      5.) According to dad- don’t you want to have a little you or your husband running around?

      6.) According to mom- Why are you working those mediocre part-time jobs and/or going to have surgery to fix an issue you know you’ll never get rid of? Why not just go have a d*** child? The government will pay you the exact amount these crappy jobs will and you don't have to work plus I'll get a grandchild.

      7.) According to dad- Don’t you want someone to care for you when you get old?

      8.) According to mom- I miss having a baby around the house. When are you going to have one?

      9.) According to all 3 people- If you’re waiting until you’re rich, you’ll never have kids. Go go go! Give us grandkids!

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