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1914Your tax money at work - why is this allowed

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  • Beth
    Aug 7, 2013
      It seems that Virginia, as well as some other states, use tax money to fund "crisis pregnancy centers" which are nothing more than Christian organizations trying to get babies to adopt (and charge the adoptive parents a great deal of money for), try to convince pregnant women and girls OUT of having an abortion.


      The real problem comes in when they deliberately LIE to these girls and women and tell them that birth control does not work, that there is no such thing as "safe sex" because condoms are "pourous" and a host of debunked untruths about abortion - from it raises the chance of breast cancer, to depression, to infertility. They tell lies about birth control pills and other contraception - saying that the ingredients are carcinogens.

      There brand of Lying for Jesus includes falsehoods about contraception, falsehoods about abortion (a 6-week old foetus is not a "baby" no matter what they say - and pictures of 3rd trimester foetuses are not what these women are carrying) encouraging abstinence and natural family planning (after marriage, of course!) Also Christian marriage...

      So, why are we paying tax money to religious organizations without any medical credentials to lie for Jesus, keep people off of birth control by lying about it.

      Personally, I object highly to my tax money being used this way! It's not in the state I'm in (now), but I'm certain that federal tax money gets funneled into these things too.