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1905Buncombe domestic partner benefits

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  • suza2875
    Mar 16, 2013
      The Inclusion Committee submissions advocating domestic partner
      benefits completely fail to mention nearly all the major benefits of such
      benefits to the county. The bottom line is there is a fundamental
      reason why gays, on average, make the best employees and that reason is
      very low average fertility. With less than a third of the fertility of
      heterosexual employees, gay employees have a proportionally low
      utilization of parental leave benefits, childcare and child medical
      benefits, mommy hours, and childcare related employee fatigue. They save
      neighboring taxpayers immensely on school taxes as they prevent urban
      sprawl and childcare related traffic, with all it's associated pollution.
      As clean and thriving, low fertility communities like San
      Francisco, Key West, and Provincetown Massachusetts exemplify, as
      compared to high fertility Detroit, gays are not just any minority, they
      are absolutely essential to a sustainable community both economically and
      environmentally. They are neighbors upon whom we as a community are
      absolutely dependent.
      There is only one possible policy that is potentially superior to
      domestic partner benefits, and that would be equal treatment of single
      and childless employees, including single gays, through the complete
      elimination of spousal and dependent benefits and their replacement with
      proportionately higher pay on a 0 net expense basis. However, domestic
      partner benefits remain vastly superior to current policy.
      However, The "respectful workplace policy" infringes on protected
      free speech to such an extent that I believe it will prevent essential
      communication with potentially costly, damaging, and unsafe results. For
      example, if rapid safety warnings must be respectful, many simply will
      not take place.
      -Alan Ditmore, Leicester, NC


      PS I find it interesting to note that after a hundred years of Democratic
      hegemony, during which nobody could bother with gay rights, It took a
      Republican challenge including nearly half the board to motivate
      Democrats to finally stop taking minorities for granted.
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