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1890Almost no breeding

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  • joseph2u4us
    Jan 7, 2013
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      Hi everyone, I just joined up. I would have joined the main, big group but didn't actually meet the requirement for wanting human extinction.

      I don't really want much or any breeding either.

      Here is how that would work. You might have guessed that I want the people here to have their lifespans greatly extended. I think there is enough understanding of stem cells and genetics to do that within a decade, with enough resolve. We should put oodles of money into this because by reversing agedness from a 70 effective age to a 30 efa, most common degenerative diseases could be reversed or cured, too.


      P.S. Now that I've clarified my views, if you could, let me know if i might be welcome in the main group.
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