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Re: Inevitability

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  • nickruisi
    You see, I disagree. I believe that we, as a species have taken charge of our evolution. We are mere decades away from being a species which can shape the
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 4, 2004
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      You see, I disagree. I believe that we, as a species have "taken
      charge" of our evolution. We are mere decades away from being a
      species which can shape the course of it's own evolution.

      Besides, it's all done on 12/21/2012 anyway, when in the final
      moments of that day, mankind will go through several dozen "great
      leaps" in evolution and transcend (novelty theory anyone?) ;)

      --- In Why_VHEMT@yahoogroups.com, "viralspecies" <viralspecies@y...>
      > First of all, I want to just say, I am completely excited that
      > exists a forum for discussion of such things. It is plainly a
      > relief that there are people willing to consider the question, let
      > alone build on going discussion about it.
      > For me, it is soooooo plain and clear that our species is virus
      > or has become such over time. And it is also clear that we have
      > interrupted, distorted, and arrested our own evolution as a species
      > with the various forms of "belief" and ideas we have made up
      > collectively and individual as we have gone alone for millennia.
      > These delusions and "diseased" tendancies have expressed themselves
      > in various forms through human civilization & technology for
      > millennia (I am not anti-tech, I just think we created it and have
      > used it is completely inefficient and deluded ways). In fact,
      > civilization and all of it's outgrowths, including technology,
      > religion, etc are the chief means of the "transmission" of the
      > human "contagian".
      > I realize there is no manuel for evolution handed out to sentient
      > species when they become "self-aware", but we really took a hugely
      > wrong turn in the development and expression of our sentience.
      > This "wrong turn" has ultimately resulted in our species
      > elliminating the mechanisms and interactions by which natural
      > processes allow a species to evolve, or become extinct. So, at
      > point (and I think it is a very long time ago...), we stopped
      > evolving, yet we found means for our species (as homo sapiens) to
      > survive and prolong human life, which otherwise would not have
      > otherwised survived and lived, had we not interfered with the
      > process of evolution. So, what we have is a species that for
      > millennia as been propogating an evermore genetically inefficient,
      > mentally deficient, and behaviorally ineffective strain of itself
      > via technology that is driven by a form of mental illness and
      > delusion that we have been in complete an utter ignorance of and
      > denial of for all this time. And each generation the
      > ineffectiveness, deficiency, ineffectiveness, maladaptiveness,
      > collective mental illness, denial and ignorance grows progressively
      > worse.
      > I have personal examples of exactly how this plays out in my own
      > family. And, all one needs to do is truly look around with open
      > eyes to see it in every aspect of human life. For me, it is not
      > an "if we should consider voluntary extinction"... we already are.
      > It is just a matter of time. We do not really need to do anything
      > to help this along. We are well on our way to our ultimate
      > extinction without any help. All we need to do is just keep going
      > on the way we are going, and we will inevitably "burnout" as a
      > disease or virus eventually does. Nature and evolution (not a
      > conscious entity or anything like that, just the nature of
      > and ecology) will destroy us, and we are its very agency for doing
      > so. It is just a matter of time, not a matter of "if" it will
      > happen.
      > VS
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