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Why VHEMT? Re: It was made for us.

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  • itchy8me_2000
    Rael is decieving all of His followers, even ïf his encounter with aliens is true, they are not real aliens, they are demons out to decieve mankind into
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2003
      Rael is decieving all of His followers, even ïf his encounter with
      aliens is true, they are not real aliens, they are demons out to
      decieve mankind into believing we can create a better "man" through
      the high knowledge of "äliens". which maybe he will get right, but
      his creation, or rather the deamons creation will not be what you
      want it to be. its satans old trick, he wants to be our god, and i
      promise you when he gets it right, through whatever means, he will
      not be a good "god"/leader, he will decieve us into thinking he is,
      but i promise you he wont be. if what Rael is claiming is true, that
      he has had contact with äliens, which right now i have some doubts
      about, then He's "friends" are not aliens from another planet, but
      deamons out to decieve you.

      --- In Why_VHEMT@yahoogroups.com, "daiglo" <daiglo@a...> wrote:
      > Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaa!!!! I hope VHEMT doesn't inadvertantly
      get hitched
      > to the Raelians. I have a hard enough time explaining my position
      > that stigma.
      > Wernher, I totally agree with you, but not exactly in some terms
      > (like God - there should be actually Gods or more precisely
      Elohim -
      > those who came from heave - as in original hebrew texts... please
      > take a time to look at following, before thinking that I'm
      > at www.rael.org look at "Summary" and under "Evidence" ->
      > Bibliography)
      > But back to the issue... One day we can make tEarth a better place
      > to live, and we should strive for that instead of giving up. Hey,
      > made the mess, now we must clean it up. Or do you think that
      > are going to clean the waters from the pollution like oil and such.
      > Or what about radioactive waste? If we''re gone, all we created
      > during our existense will still remain here - consider harmful
      > like one I mentioned not some ordinary junk and buildings and so
      > This voluntary human extinction is like someone having made a BIG
      > mistake and then just runs off to avoid doing more damage, instead
      > taking a responsibility of ones actions and trying to remedy(I'm
      > Estonian, so I hope I use this word in a correct place...fix,
      > a whole thing.
      > Rainer Eelmäe (a.k.a. Rem)
      > www.rael.org - International Raelian Movement
      > --- In Why_VHEMT@yahoogroups.com, "itchy8me_2000"
      > <itchy8me_2000@y...> wrote:
      > > obviously im going to kick up some dust with this statement in an
      > > obviously non-biblical believing forum. my idea of earth, is that
      > it
      > > was made for mankind, God gave the earth to us, why the heck
      > > you want to have a long term phase out for humans, when we are
      > > most remarkable creatures on this planet. yes, there are
      > > but with that in mind, you might as well phase out crocodiles
      > > aswell. i believe we should look after our enviroment, as it was
      > > given to us by God, and respect to those that research new
      > > technology and means of dealing with our 21 century pollution
      > > problems, what i must say as a christian though, is that this
      > > will pass, and a new one will come, all creation is in a state of
      > > decay, even if mankind never started using fossil fuels and what
      > > nots, creation would still be in a state of decay. God will
      > a
      > > new heaven and a new earth, and well, there we will not "bread",
      > > VHEMT, you could have something to look forward to in heaven ;)
      > >
      > > greets
      > > wernher
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