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(What I wrote to CBS today!) The Focus on the Family Tebow Ad during the Super Bowl is about miracles! Wonder if Sarah Palin will be watching CBS on Sunday?

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  • Michael (Frish) Frishberg
    *This is an experiment to see how many temporary high ranking web search words fit into a subject line! [?]* * From somewhere on the net:* The former
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2010
      *This is an experiment to see how many "temporary" high ranking web search
      words fit into a subject line! [?]*

      * From somewhere on the net:*

      "The former Florida quarterback and his mother will appear in a 30-second
      commercial during the Super Bowl next month. The Christian group Focus on
      the Family says the Tebows will share a personal story centering on the
      theme "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life."

      The group isn't releasing details, but the commercial is likely to be an
      anti-abortion message chronicling Pam Tebow's 1987 pregnancy. After getting
      sick during a mission trip to the Philippines, she ignored a recommendation
      by doctors to abort her fifth child and gave birth to Tim."


      * Palin, an ex-governor who quit to become wealthy[?], at the end of her last
      pregnancy, after her water broke in Texas, ignored all medical
      recommendations, or even any common sense and decided to act in a most
      "un-motherly" non-nurturing fashion, and proceeded to give birth to her
      child Trig (already diagnosed as "SPECIAL NEEDS" (or, like Frish's very own
      late-brother John, mentally retarded*) and so a potentially high risk birth)
      in Alaska, after many hours in an airplane at altitude, followed by a long
      drive home, since she's an Alaska Independent Party "Alaska First!" jingoist
      so if Trig were going to be born anywhere, it certainly couldn't be
      Texas...! You betcha. [?]*

      *Frish certainly accepts her in any governmental executive capacity, thanks
      to her level headed yet roguish manner.*

      Frish celebrates life/family/and anything else he wants to without dictating
      to Doctors and Women what they ought to do in life.

      *The insanity is that IT HAS BEEN REPORTED CBS assisted in the
      editing/writing of the anti-abortion commercial. When has that ever
      happen? Sure, the FCC, each network and probably every local independent
      station have recommendations and sanctions for advertisers, but for the
      network itself to assist in the writing of a "pro-life" (whatever that
      means) COMMERCIAL is probably unprecedented.*

      I'm Pro Life too, and a Volunteer in the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
      - long live http://www.vhemt.org/

      Gives me another reason not to watch the Super Bowl again this year...and
      not to tune into CBS. Ever. Again.

      <http://www.vhemt.org/>(If Only SD or MN were in...roflmfao)

      * I understand that Sarah Palin is quite upset by the words retard or
      retarded to refer to those amongst us who are retarded...but only when
      democrats use it.



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