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Halting Russia's population collapse

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  • Michael (Frish) Frishberg
    Found this morsel today and thought I d share...if it was posted before I didn t remember! Worth another look anyway, even if for the standard natalist
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
      Found this morsel today and thought I'd share...if it was posted before I
      didn't remember! Worth another look anyway, even if for the standard
      natalist propaganda and the underlying expectation that growth is not just
      necessary, it's inevitable and/or ordained.

      Best quote from the article: "Russians don't like foreigners" (by way of
      explaining how the current immigration policies won't work!)

      (I only copied selected sentences, the article is here: April 5,2009

      Demographic experts say Russia's steep population decline could have serious
      consequences for the economy.

      "The numbers are frightening," says Sergei Zakharov, from the Institute of
      Demography at Moscow's Higher School of Economics.

      By 2050, Russia's population could shrink from the current figure of 142
      million people to 100 million, according to a United Nations sponsored study
      published last year.

      When BBC Brasil travelled to Russia as part of its series looking at where
      the BRIC economies - Brazil, Russia, India and China - will be in 2020 it
      found that the picture for Russia's population was bleak.


      She also said that a hangover of the Soviet era is the custom that women
      only had one child, and that that thinking affected how women behave today.

      ((How about when women are educated and participate in the economic well
      being of the family, they are disinclined to have many children))


      There is no easy way out for Russia as it tries to halt its population
      collapse, but to do nothing could bring the country to its knees and ruin
      any hope it has of joining the leading economies of the world.

      (((In other words, if the policy to increase population succeeds, Russia
      will be brought to it's knees as well!! No wonder there is no easy way

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