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Re: Why VHEMT? Michael Shermer's reaction to VHEMT!

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  • Arma Geddon
    I agree with you vehemently John. In particular, it is also becoming clear to me that psychiatry is a modern-day witchhunt - a pseudoscience which denies the
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      I agree with you vehemently John. In particular, it is also becoming clear to me that psychiatry is a modern-day witchhunt - a pseudoscience which denies the soul. Western society is so corrupted - I have been labelled as a maniac, but I have never been violent and am not materialistic. I am, by nature rather docile and even slow. I lacked ambition.

      Someone like Sarah Palin is dangerous, but is adored by millions. She is the product of a society that does not see past the veneer - that worships a beauty queen...... A society that does not value substance.... that has no soul. A necrophilic, bland culture that has millions marching in goosestep,with stony faces, blindly following Gammon...the seductive glitter and the American Dream.........adults that want to live in fairytales........

      To cry is seen as a weakness....take this pill and we'll fix the chemicals in your brain. Psychiatry does not recognise depression as the dark night of the soul - an opportunity for growth....Psychosis is never seen to be a spiritual crisis....a spiritual emergence.......which is really is the collective unconscious flooding through you. It can be overwhelming. So much information and impressions.....you're dealing with all the grand ancient themes - good verses evil, male verses female, light verses dark...

      This can all be confusing and frightening. Psyche does not want to be suppressed....... When you're so damn sensitive, immersed in the mythological, the ridiculous, the great tragic comedy of it all........you're "crazy." That's the perversion. We were once the shamans, the wise one - now we're the outcasts and the freaks. That's all thanks to bland, boring materialism. They almost destroyed my Spirit with their pills......I had mood-swings - SO WHAT. I'm a woman. Up and downs. Is it better to be a flatliner? Of course I was paranoid - did they ever ask me WHY? I had good reason. I couldn't cope....I was traumatized. Did they ever take me seriously? I lost my creativity, my passion, my vision, my sensuality, my intellect.......I was so confused.. I had my first nervous breakdown when they started bombing iraq. I redecorated my professor's house and cast spells and just went nuts. I became paranoid. So they locked me away when there was
      nothing, and i mean NOTHING wrong with me. I didn't know until recently that the WITHDRAWAL from anti-psychotics actually sends ANYBODY crazy. Make no mistake - it is a chemical lobotomy. I have to actually escape. I've got a new job lined up so i can save up to fly overseas.

      I live in a shelter for the mentally ill. A man here bleats like sheep at night and eats grass.....perhaps he feels like a sheep? It's not so irrational.

      I don't see society progressing. I see increasing corruption. All that is pure is fucked over.....we are marching towards doom and I think it's too late to think about preserving humanity. I don't know what we should be teaching little children. It's tragic. I think we just have to accept what comes with as much dignity as possible.....Sure, there is horror, but I think the answer to Einstein's question - "is the Universe a friendly place?" is YES. Death is not a lamp going out - it is the rising of the dawn. It becomes a welcome guest when we are suffering. And it is softened by new life.

      I think the Natives had a superior outlook on Life. They saw the trees as being people and the creatures as our brothers and sisters. They are.

      It has become clear to me that softness and gentleness is greater - the weak and lowly are greater. We worship the intellect, but it is, as Einstein said, devoid of personality. The IQ is just a number.....it has no heart. To value IQ is to think that some races are more intelligent, and this is clearly not the case. The meek are greater. I understand now what Christ said about the lowly and all that jazz. I think he would have been locked away in an asylum if he lived today. And then they perverted his life to become a religion which was nothing to do with what he was about.. There are people walking this earth as great as Christ or Buddha - Christ fought against the religious - the white washed tombs. It is NO DIFFERENT today. Nature is grace.......

      I'm talking to some sort of official person tomorrow about schizophrenia. I look forward to it. Once i gained self-understanding, I gained self-acceptance. From there I learned to love myself. And a whole new world opened up to me. Schizophrenics are the wounded healers. We are the shamans.

      i recommend anything written by Eckhart Tolle. I didn't understand it the first time I read it, but wow, it changed my life.

      "Your life is a SHAM, til you can shout - hey world! I am what I am."


      Humans are great at escaping reality. Ironically, those that do are labelled crazy. Twisted world ain't it?

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      From: John Mack <tarim@...>
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      Subject: RE: Why VHEMT? Michael Shermer's reaction to VHEMT!

      As a world-view, atheism is perfectly valid; as an ideology, it can be quite

      Atheism was once an indicator of great open-mindedness; when religion
      dominated public life, it took some courage and independence of thought to
      conclude that there was no god, and to say so publicly. In the modern era,
      atheism is mainstream, even fashionable. Many adopt it without having given
      much thought to the underlying questions. Hyper-sceptics such as Shermer
      appears to be, are particularly insidious, going beyond the tautological
      statement that there is no scientific evidence for the spiritual (that is,
      there is no material evidence of a world beyond the material - duh) to
      assert that there is no spiritual dimension to the universe. To push the
      line that most of the human race is stupid or deluded, that only those in
      your own group have the power to see the truth, is as presumptuous and
      cult-like as any pronouncement made by the men in funny hats. You shouldn't
      be surprised to find hostility and close-mindedness from priests of any
      cult, even the ones that profess scepticism while spelling it with a 'k'.

      Nor is spiritual belief tied to environmental responsibility. There are
      Gaia-based ideologies, the old religions were all about nature, buddhism
      teaches moderation and respect for all life; whereas the Soviet rape of the
      environment was driven by human-centred atheism.


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      From: Why_VHEMT@yahoogroups.com [mailto:Why_VHEMT@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf
      Of Michael (Frish) Frishberg
      Sent: Monday, 29 September 2008 9:00 AM
      Subject: Why VHEMT? Michael Shermer's reaction to VHEMT!

      Dear Mr. Shermer, Volunteers, Supporters, Brights, Atheists, and other
      As Fearless Leader of the LA Brights I attended the Atheists Alliance
      International Convention on the Queen Mary this weekend.

      I found the convention wonderful for many reasons!

      Michael Shermer, (http://www.michaelshermer.com/), perhaps the most famous
      skeptic in the world, gave a lovely presentation.
      I had an opportunity to introduce myself to Mr. Shermer, as I'm certain
      he'll recall.
      Atheism is an important truth, no doubt about it.
      However, it also loses some of its importance when compared to the risks
      facing the future of humankind.

      Technology has always been used to overcome nature's limits.
      However, our technology has now totally overwhelmed nature and any of
      nature's means to cope with the toxic (to us) changes we're introducing.

      These two things (atheism and human caused climate chaos) are actually
      closely related, as those who "believe"
      (the SUPER-MAJORITY OF HUMANITY (Brights, get the pun?!)) may derail the
      very efforts necessary to save the biosphere from human technology's
      effects, since "god will provide" so not to worry, eh?!

      Therefore, I felt it important to introduce Michael to the concept of
      Voluntary Human Extinction.
      My predisposition was that a Skeptic would also be inquisitive, at least!
      Seemed a low bar, but...

      His reaction to VHEMT www.vhemt.org was that I ought to lead the way and
      commit suicide.
      He wasn't kidding, although I'm hopeful that upon reflection
      his curiosity might override his gut reaction.

      I was surprised at the naked hostility...and greatly saddened that someone
      who I hold up as heroic for his Skepticism and tremendous ability to
      confront superstitious nonsense wasn't at least more thoughtful before
      dismissing the concept altogether.

      And wishing me dead to boot, lucky I'm a Bright and dismiss witchcraft in
      any form! ROFLMAO

      I learned a lot, and thank him for the experience.

      Human Extinction is inevitable, no one can argue that.
      Many VHEMTers hold the extinction will be quite soon.
      That is currently debatable, but the ability of the biosphere to continue to
      sustain human life erodes every day, and our technology only provides more
      velocity and momentum to it's failure in the near term.

      Perhaps Shermer is simply skeptical about Human Caused Climate Chaos.
      Perhaps he's got "faith" in technology's ability to get us out of the hole
      that technology is digging, ever faster...

      Having no children is the only moral choice, by anyone, anywhere, anywhen.
      That is the best means to reduce the numbers of humans who will be
      suffering when the world discontinues it's ability to support human life.

      Obviously, not everyone is on board with the "inevitability" part yet, but
      soon more will be and child-less-ness will become "fashionable".

      VHEMTers are sensible enough to know we cannot stop procreation by all,
      everywhere, forever, that's just the goal.
      If you don't aim high you'll be sure to miss!

      Peace.. Live long and die out.
      VHEMT Volunteer
      Fearless Leader, LA Brights

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