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RE: [Who are you] 11/27/1982 - Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

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  • David Gold
    I was at the same show although in the stands instead of the field. That was the second time I saw them. The first being in 1976 at the Miami Baseball stadium
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      I was at the same show although in the stands instead of the field. That was the second time I saw them. The first being in 1976 at the Miami Baseball stadium with Montrose ( with Sammy Hagar) as the opening act. I believe that Who by Numbers had just come out. Earlier this month in Orlando was the 3rd time - and probably the last time. All great shows for the same type of reasons- The Who and who I was with each time.

      David Gold

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      Hello all,

      Today is the 30th anniversary of the first time that I saw The Who live; So having told this story five years ago, please allow me the indulgence of retelling the story.

      I was 16 years old, a senior in high school in Orlando, Florida. (For any basketball fans, I attended Evans High, where Darryl Dawkins graduated a few years earlier.) I had a girlfriend, Dorothy, who lived in Miami, who lucky for me was as big a fan of the Who as I was. Unfortunately Miami is four hours away by car and less than an hour by air. November 27th happens to also be her birthday.

      A couple of months before the show, I stood in line outside of the T-Bowl (Tangerine Bowl, currently the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium) for four or five hours with a few of my friends from school to secure the general admission tickets. I bought three. One for me, one for Dorothy and one for my best friend.

      To cut to the chase on this, she was able to get round trip tickets between Miami and Orlando, on her birthday at around noon and midnight or so, as I recall.

      We picked Dorothy up at the airport with my best friend and her uncle. (Her cousin lived across the street from me, which is how I met her.) Her uncle dropped us off at the T-Bowl and we agreed to where we would meet afterwards.

      The bill was The B-52s, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts and The Who. I don't recall much about the B-52s other them getting pelted by all sorts of cups, paper and other assorted objects. I remember all of the booing and objects bouncing off of those bee-hive hair-dos. Joan Jett got a little more respect, but this was a crowd to see The Who and no-one else.

      The mighty 'Oo came out and played a powerful set of classics plus cuts from It's Hard. The crowd loved it all. Dorothy and I danced and sang, hugged and kissed for the entire set. It was the best birthday present hat I could give her. My best friend and I air guitared through many of the usual songs, PW, WGFA, MG, and WAY.

      It was the greatest show I ever attended. Not just because it was The Who. Although that was the catalyst. But because of having my girlfriend and best friend with me, celebrating her birthday in a very special way, the excitement of running back and forth to the airport as if we were some jet setting couple (as a teen, that's way cool), and of course, The Who.

      After the encores, the alert cameraman put a live shot of the nearly full moon on the jumbo screen above the stage. It seemed to us that Mr. Moon was with us at that moment. (Remember, that was just more than four years since he passed. Still kinda fresh to everyone there)

      That in a relatively quick nutshell is the story of my first time seeing The Who. Thanks for the indulgence.

      Rock on,

      My Generation
      I Can't Explain
      Sister Disco,
      The Quiet One
      It's Hard
      Eminence Front
      Behind Blue Eyes
      Baba O'Riley
      I Can See For Miles
      Cry If You Want
      Who Are You
      Pinball Wizard
      See Me Feel Me
      Love Reign O'er Me
      Long Live Rock
      Won't Get Fooled Again

      Squeeze Box
      Magic Bus

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