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Summer's End.

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  • Richard Kaplan
    From PT.com - http://tinyurl.com/s96kg 1 October 2006 Summer s End. Two days off in Chicago after a long run of intense activity, I wake up at dawn after just
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
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      From PT.com - http://tinyurl.com/s96kg

      1 October 2006
      Summer's End.

      Two days off in Chicago after a long run of intense activity, I wake
      up at dawn after just a few hours sleep, and feel a second wind. I
      watch some of Justin Kreutzman's movies and check out the photos by
      Ros Halfin, Andy Welch and William Snyder on www.thewhotour.com - some
      brilliant stuff there. Carrie Pratt is putting good stuff up too on
      her www.longliverock.org. So the tour rolls along from city to city,
      Rachel my partner feeds interviews and rarities to the Who Channel on
      Sirius Satellite Radio. Between us we have managed two In The Attic
      specials in New York and Baltimore, two Barnes & Noble bookshop
      appearances where Rachel has been plugging her new CD 'Shine', and two
      really wonderful Attic Jam special events - one at Joe's Pub in NYC
      with Martha Wainwright, and one here in Chicago at the House of Blues
      with Willy Mason and Rose Hill Drive.

      So along with all the Who shows, since the tour began in June, if I
      include all the In The Attics, I have performed in sixty events
      (including one live radio performance of Endless Wire and one
      Letterman show of Man In A Purple Dress), and spent what feels like an
      enjoyable year in various recording studios. I've done at least thirty
      interviews. I suppose I am counting days now, six shows and eleven
      days before the October break when I get to see my son, my dogs and my
      friends in London. Then back out for another six weeks here in the USA
      in the lead up to Christmas.

      I have to say it is all very fulfilling. It's good to be touring with
      a new recording about to be released (on October 30th). There have
      been no serious weather disruptions so far, so travel has been
      elegantly handled, and I am feeling very fit. The response to our
      tour, and to the new music played live, has been positive.

      Today it's a pretty day in Chicago, one of my favourite places in the
      USA, and I am going to read and rest. If the next bulletin here is as
      slow to appear as this one I will see you here in about a month.
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