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  • Gary
    Join Together for WhoLA: For a pre-show get together, I m currently looking at the Hollywood and Highland area which is walking distance to the Bowl. This is
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 5, 2004
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      Join Together for WhoLA:

      For a pre-show get together, I'm currently looking at the Hollywood and
      Highland area which is walking distance to the Bowl. This is a great area
      with all sorts of restaurants and pubs:


      http://www.bowlluckystrike.com <http://www.bowlluckystrike.com/>

      Hotel wise, the Renaissance Hollywood hotel is also right there, but a
      little spendy ($180.00)

      Proposed agenda:

      8/8/04 Sunday Night: The Who Show Gig at hopefully the Whiskey

      8/9/04 Monday Afternoon to Early evening: pre-show somewhere at Hollywood
      and Highland

      8/9/04 Monday Night: The Who

      Please vote on your potential attendance so we can get a head count
      especially for the pre-show. As with Hurleys in NY, in order to get a cool
      room, we may have to guarantee a specific number of people or fork out some




      From: bisch1la [mailto:theox@...]
      Sent: Saturday, June 05, 2004 10:06 AM
      Subject: [Relayers] Re: WhoLA in LA!

      Relayers -

      Good to see some responses regarding a possible mini-Whola in LA
      August 8.

      While it doesn't look promising given everyone's responses (I would
      totally be glad to help but my workload right now prevents me from
      giving it the attention it deserves), I can say with plenty of
      confidence that The Who Show WILL perform somewhere in Hollywood on
      the evening of August 8. Right now, the most promising venue is the
      famous Whisky A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. We are looking at other
      adjacent venues such as those you've all suggested, plus others like
      the Knitting Factory and BB King's. However, as of right now, we are
      unconfirmed to headline at the Whisky on August 8.

      That being said: Even if it's not a Whola, there will be PLENTY of
      fun and activity at our show. There will be an auction of some VERY
      good seats to The Who the next night (proceeds above and beyond the
      face value of the tickets will go to the John Entwistle Foundation),
      auctioning of JEF t-shirts and whatever else Steve Luongo can
      graciously donate, announcement of the winner of our "Then and Now
      Sweepstakes" (see details on our website), and, of course, at least a
      2-hour set from The Who Show. I know we're a poor "substitute for
      the other guys", but if you don't have tickets to the big show,
      hopefully you'll get some kind of kick out of it. Other surprises
      may ensue...

      So: If you ARE in LA August 8, please make plans to come see us.
      Once the venue is confirmed, I will announce it here, on other
      messageboards, and of course our website.

      Hope to see each and every one of you August 8.


      Mike Bisch
      The Who Show

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