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7847Re: [Weta-Trimarans] Standing rigging, shrouds, side stays

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  • Robert Shirley
    Aug 23, 2014
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      I tried to explain that in the second sentence of the third paragraph, but I guess I was unsuccessful.  The bolt head, as you have mentioned, is inside the ama.  So you have to get long bolts and shape the end of it so that you can hold onto it with pliers while you wrench the nut down.  In other words, you will put the nut on first and then grab the end of the bold that is sticking up above it with pliers, and then wrench the nut down.  Because you have shaped and narrowed the bolt end, the nut will just slip right over it until it gets to the threads.

      Because I am unable to describe this very well, it is probably best you get the pics from Weta.  
      Bob Shirley
      Weta #147, Empress
      Ventura CA.

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      What do you use to hold the bolt head, inside the ama, so that it doesn't spin when you tighten the lock nut down on the protruding portion? 

      Mine won't need this currently, but you never know what the future holds.

      On Saturday, August 23, 2014 5:31 PM, "Robert Shirley wetasocal@... [Weta-Trimarans]" <Weta-Trimarans@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I emailed Roger Kitchen and he sent me photos and directions.  I recommend you do the same thing, but I will try to describe the process anyway.

      I was able to unscrew my old bolts and the nuts fell off.  But if the nuts spin one will have to hack off the old bolt heads and punch the bolt through.

      Basically, one gets much longer bolts, say 3.5 or 4 inches. I used my skill saw with a steel cutting blade to square off the end of the bolt and below that narrow it significantly. Be sure you already have the nut on the bolt so it will clean up the threads when you back it off.  Don't use the nylon locking nut you intend to finish the project with because the nylon can be damaged. Use a regular nut for cleaning up the threads.  I then used fishing line that i put down through the hole and snagged with an unbent wire coat hangar through the transom port.  Actually, I had to tape the coat hanger to a yard stick to make it long enough.

      Then one ties the fishing line around the narrowed part at the end of the bolt in such a manner that it will pull the bolt (w/ washer) through the hole.  It is tricky getting the fishing line tied just right so the bolt will come up through the hole.  I ended up using some tape to get it just right.  

      Once one has the bolt up through the hole tighten a nylon locking nut down using pliers to hold the squared off bolt end.  Once it is good and tight, hack off the bolt close to the nut, file and smooth.  

      So one ends up with the bolt upside down with the head down inside the boat and the nut on top.

      It took me about 45 minutes to replace the 1st bolt, about 2 hrs to replace the 2nd one (grumble, grumble, grumble....) but I finally surmounted the learning curve and was able to replace the 3rd and 4th bolts in about 15 minutes.

      Good luck,
      Bob Shirley
      Weta #147, Empress
      Ventura CA.

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      How to get the washers and nuts in there, Bob?

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