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7846Re: [Weta-Trimarans] Standing rigging, shrouds, side stays

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  • hot_donutz
    Aug 23, 2014
      Hey David,
      We like newbies. Raking the mast back is not a problem. Most of the faster guys rake it all the way back using a short shackle - the faster guys meaning Chris Kitchen and Dave Berntsen - two of the best sailors in the class. Heavier folk like myself might want to go to a slightly longer shackle. The shackle makes a much stronger hold than any adjustable. To adjust, just change the shackle. You can't adjust on the fly anyway so what's the point?
      The slack leeward shroud is normal and fast. If you tighten the rig up too much it may slow you down in anything except for big sloppy seas, where yes, the woggle is detrimental to speed. Getting the right amount of tension on the forestay is something you kind of have to feel on other people's boats that are in sync, which is a great reason to come to the Nationals! 

      In sloppy seas I do find it more beneficial to tighten up the rig by using a piece of metal or something to help crank down the forestay, with three loops to the tie off line. And raking back in light air? I believe it works, and proved it to myself this past weekend at our West Coast Championships by improving my speed by doing so day over day, and as well by raking forward and going slow at WetaFest. Raking back gives you weather helm, much preferred to lee helm. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Chris and Davo keep it raked back in all conditions. 

      Again, I go to equivalent hole three in light to medium and short shackle in anything over 18. Hole five has been a speed kill for me. Hole 7 I'm dead in the water. Flat water keep the rig a little slack, sloppy seas crank it.- 

      So all my secrets are out, including the specific donut you need to be eating...hot glazed KK. 

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