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7821Re: Standing rigging, shrouds, side stays

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  • wetabix0947
    Aug 22, 2014
      I think four years is about the prudent life of the stays. There has been at least one report of a stay failing at the copper ferrule where there is quite likely to be corrosion or crush damage.  It is a well known fact on keel boats that loose rigging which 'snaps' in the waves receives shock loads many times the static load. In some circumstances the Weta amas work in the waves and the shock loads are quite frequent and quite high. You can minimize this with the right technique - allow the boat to press over onto the ama rather than balancing it with weight. I have had two furling forestays fail due to twisting damage and would recommend changing them at two year intervals.  I haven't really looked at the attachment points on the amas - how are you supposed to check them?


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