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7415Re: Furling Jib v Normal Jib

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  • wetabix0947
    Jul 3, 2014
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      I agree with all that and would add that all six halyard ends should have some sort of weight on them even if it is only a large knot. They are then less likely to go up the mast if you let go. It also helps if you rig the jib in the calm of the yacht club palm grove (as in the various videos) rather than waist deep in water rocked by the wash of the local jetski fraternity.  I am reluctant to push the boat through the slipway gate (12 ft wide) with the jib up but I may change my mind. I discovered yesterday that I had forgotten how to tie a cargo hitch and at the end of the day with cold wet hands had to use my teeth to undo it. There has to be a better way (this morning a filling fell out but that may have been a coincidence). The good news is that I have managed to get the furler an inch and a half lower and have ironed the creases out of much of the luff. I am wondering if a length of that special wire/rope that they use for top-down spinnaker furlers might have a use as a 'furling foil' in place of the wire forestay. 

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