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  • wetabob
    Apr 28, 2008
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      --- In Weta-Tri@yahoogroups.com, "wetatri" <minzuki@...> wrote:
      > > It's the Wide World of Weta. Yeah!
      > > um, now what do we do?
      > ....unfortunately, wait until late June. :-(
      > After rereading your review, I would be interested to hear you
      > as to solutions to:
      > Jib Leads/cleats
      > Main Cleats
      > Tiller behind mainsheet
      > Also, do you think it would be possible to add a roller furler to
      > headsail?
      > -CH

      The jib leads aren't going to be a problem in most conditions since
      you won't be hiking aggressively off the back of the boat. In thoses
      case where heavy air is expected, I think putting a single 23 size
      block on the jib clew for a 2:1 purchase and "wedging" the cleat to a
      flatter angle will be helpful. The current jib cleat is angled a bit
      too high to be released under heavy load from the back. When tacking
      or jibing you have to move into the boat anyway so that's not a
      problem. A big ease on the jib at the weather mark, in 25+, while
      hanging off the back of the boat, that's where you would have a

      As far as the mainsheet goes, I think the new boat uses a different
      setup with a single block and cleat. We'll have to see how well it
      works. I'm pretty sure it will be just fine. As always the engineer
      in me wants to change things, but in the interest of not hacking the
      boat up, it's sometimes better to learn a different sailing
      technique. Without a boom the block arrangement is going to be

      I'm not a big fan of flipping the tiller around the back of the
      mainsheet when tacking or jibing. It requires you to be on the back
      of the boat when, in light air conditions, you may want your weight
      forward. Again we have to keep in mind that the Weta is not an all-
      out race boat so simplicity is going to have a broader appeal. Most
      people will be just fine with this arrangement. I'm going to give it
      a try and see how it goes but a set of double, fixed length tiller
      extension would be an easy modification.

      Best thing to do is sail the boat a while with the stock fitting and
      only change things that are really going to make a difference or that
      really annoy you. We'll see...
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