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6554Virtual Race Training

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  • yottieguy
    Feb 27, 2014
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      For anyone who's still trying to get their head around the rules and how to apply them in a race environment, or who's snowed in at the moment, I can recommend an online sailing simulator which might help.
      SailX (www.sailx.com)
      SailX is a rapidly evolving online sailing tactical simulator. SailX  gives a choice between the easy-to-learn-tactics 2D version, and the brand new, fun 3D version!  SailX include an extremely helpful and realistic protest room complete with jury from across the world, and over 15 sailing "fields" with windshifts, current, fully functional rules system, and 5 different types of boat.
       SailX was first created by active racers as a training tool, something to help us get a better understanding of racing tactics and rules. Today it is an interactive game that is fun for everyone from total beginners to Olympians and a community or social network in some sense. Currently SailX hosts 100k+ races, 1.2m+ finishers and 1.5m+ incidents per year. Not to mention over 18,000 ruled protests!
      It can be played in a browser or using iPhone and Android Apps.
      Video Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0zz033Kv2E
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