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6552RE: Coaching Day for WetaFest

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  • yottieguy
    Feb 27, 2014
      No, since the clew is connected to a loop in the *centre* of the jib sheet, there's only one knot - the butterfly loop knot*. This knot is used to create a fixed 4" (10cm) diameter loop in the centre of the standard sheet length without cutting it.
      You then take the two ends of the sheet through their respective cleats at either side, cross over and tie off on the tramps.
      Push a soft shackle through the hole in the jib clew, through the loop formed in the sheet above and close the shackle up.
      Additional soft shackles can be inserted through the other clew holes (they weigh very little and can't damage your boat) and then closed but not through the loop, so they're ready if you want to move the clew anchor point.
      Since it's pouring with rain today and I don't feel like getting wet to rig the boat to take photos, I've tried to illustrate the setup with a drawing.
      * = The butterfly loop is an excellent mid-line rigging knot, it is symmetrical and handles multi-directional loading well.
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