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6532RE: Coaching Day for WetaFest

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  • weta4life
    Feb 24, 2014
      Hi Vaughn,

      I'll make the start line nice and long with plenty of room!

      For anyone who wants to practice before you get there, I recommend the 2 minute drill:

      2 minute drill
      1. Find a mark in the harbour
      2. Set your watch to 2 minute countdown
      3. Get your boat lined up so that on 1 second to go you are at full speed and so close to the mark that you could reach out and touch it if you wanted. 
      4. Repeat

      This is way harder than it sounds and it's a great drill for calibrating yourself for how the boat drifts, when to accelerate etc etc. I make rules for myself like, I have to set the boat up on what I think is a good approach (a slow approach, not at full speed) from 1 min out, no fixing mistakes in the set up by tacking or dipping after that.

      It is something that I learnt from Rod Davis and is the best drill that I know of for helping your starting. I used to just do 10 minutes at the end of a session once or twice a week and it helped me immensely.



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      As we have 19 boats in the race, perhaps it would nice to have two fleets with different start times.  One fleet for the experienced sailors and one fleet for me. 

      Happy trails


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      Yep I will be bringing a go-pro and camera, would be cool to scroll the photos through at the end of the day.

      I'm relaxed about lunch, just whatever you guys want to do - if we have lunch at Fuds might be a soggy sail home!



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