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6520Coaching Day for WetaFest

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  • weta4life
    Feb 19, 2014
      Hi Guys,

      I'm off to Canberra tomorrow to do some coaching with the Aussies, this is what I have lined up for them and was thinking of doing something similar for WetaFest, except that we might be going to Fudshuckers for lunch.

      Do you want to let me know if there is anything you would prefer to work on?

      One thing is that I will do is keep the format of running everything on a small race course as when you are dealing with a large amount of boats and different abilities it keeps everyone together nicely.

      Fingers crossed that we get good wind!

      10am - meet at the club to go through rigging and set up - watch CK's rigging video for tips - 
      11am - get on the water and set up a short race course. 
      Will be working on Starts, tacking and gybing, general boat handling. 
      tacking - http://youtu.be/WSu83YVr1qA 
      starting - http://www.wetamarine.com/images/stories/weta_owners/Tips_and_Tricks_-_Starting.pdf 
      and gybing - http://youtu.be/zegyWkjLJPA 

      We will do 2 different drills
      Warm up: 3 minute start and do a couple of normal races while we wait for everyone to get out and warm up. 
      Drill 1: 3 min start and a race where you have to do 5 tacks on the upwind and 5 gybes on the downwind and do that a couple of times. 
      Drill 2: 3 min start, very short races where I move the top mark around to make the start more important or make the top mark really short so that a good start is really important. 

      1pm - come in for lunch, talk about Weta boat speed techniques. 
      2pm - go out and set a slightly longer course, do normal racing, windward/leewards with a 3 minute start and I will follow around giving boat speed tips. 
      3.30pm - if the weather is good we can do a capsize drill. 
      4pm - come in and have some beers.


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