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5855Tiller Extension Fitting Screw Failure

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  • yottieguy
    Oct 31, 2013
      Last time I was out in my Weta, I noticed the tiller felt loose and realised that one of the screws that holds the tiller extension to the tiller stock had sheared off.

      I couldn't reach the sheared off section of the screw left inside the tiller tube so I had to carefully drill it out.

      However, I suggest other owners should check the screws on the extension joint regularly as normally they're under the snap-on cover and you wouldn't notice if they're corroded, especially if it failed below the surface of the tiller stock,like mine.

      I also note that the Ronstan RF3133 Urethane universal joint should have the RF3136 Round tiller adapter for RF3133 - but my Weta #325 doesn't have one which may have contributed to the screw failure as the fitting is unsupported where it meets the tiller stock.
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