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5717Stowing equipment and buying gear in Australia

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  • yottieguy
    Sep 28, 2013
      I've found the best solution to the stowage issue is to buy a small roll-up dry bag which fits through the hatch in front of the daggerboard. You can open it up by poking the top through the hatch and then drop things into it - close it  - and thread the closed part back into the hull.

      I've also found some equipment is far cheaper in the US and the UK but courier costs can make it difficult to justify importing. However if you buy items from the UK you don't pay UK VAT (20%) and if you keep it under 3Kg, you can ship by UK parcel post which is very cheap and take 7-10 days - if you can find a supplier who does this. Purplemarine.com is one such although their limit is £50 order value for post.

      Hope this helps
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